Manage Google Mobile Contacts using Google Spreadsheet (Free Tool)

Manage Google Mobile Contacts using Google Spreadsheet with Enjay G-Sync

You can sync your Google Mobile Contacts with Google Contacts. What if you could sync Google Contacts with Google Spreadsheet. Yes, two-way sync between Google Contacts and Google Spreadsheet.

All of us face this problem or organising our contacts. Many new year resolutions have been wasted in this pursuit. Organising contacts on Mobile is very very tedious and cumbersome. Managing them on Google Contacts App can be little relaxing, but obviously not the most preferred way of doing it.

What if we could manage and organise all our contacts on a spreadsheet. All of us are very good in handling large data spreadsheets and organising it.

Benefits of Managing Google Mobile Contacts in Google Spreadsheet

  • It is much easier to manage a large volume of contacts in Spreadsheet. Faster, easier and much more effective than doing it in Google Contacts Apps.
  •  G-Sync offers two-way sync, which means your newly added contacts also appear in your spreadsheet.
  • Use Google Contact groups wisely and effectively. Groups can be used to categorise and classify your contacts into prospects, customers, friends, relatives, family, suppliers etc.
  • Grouping can be used to send group Emails or group SMS to all of the members of a group.
  • Arranging and managing addresses and other fields is much easier in a spreadsheet.
  • Finding duplicates and managing them

We have created a Free tool called Enjay GSync Tool. This is a Google Spreadsheet script which syncs Google Contacts and Google Spreadsheet. It’s a two-way sync tool. We have also created a video which explains best practices and tips and tricks.

Please click here to get the free tool.

Here is the video which explains the entire process step by step.


Please click here to get the free tool.

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