customer satisfaction surveys

Here is Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Important (Plus 5 Free Questions You Can Use as a Template)

Measuring customer satisfaction is a low priority for many businesses. This happens for two main reasons. One, they have hundreds of items on their to-do lists: increasing sales, following up for collections, responding to emails, checking statuses of unresolved issues … Read More

tally partner crm

Five Reasons Why Tally Partners need CRM

As we all know Tally ERP is an undoubted leader in the Indian ERP market.  The second reason for its market supremacy is channel partners, the first reason being the simplicity of the software itself.   Tally family has Widespread variety … Read More

customer satisfaction

This Will Change How You Think About Customer Satisfaction

Peter Drucker had said that the most basic purpose of a business is to create a customer. He was right. But if we take that purpose one step higher, it’s to create a repeat customer. To achieve this, companies must … Read More

role of crm in it industry

What is the Role of CRM Software in the IT Industry?

Information Technology (IT) has been a game-changer for India. Businesses and customers from across the world look up to Indian IT and ITeS companies to do good work and create value. With the landscape constantly changing, the role of CRM … Read More

measuring customer satisfaction

5 Metrics That Give You the Right Picture About Measuring Customer Satisfaction

“How is my business doing?” This is a pressing question which every leader wants answers to because they give the leaders insights into the health of the business. The best indicator of a business’ performance, apart from revenue, is how … Read More


Customer Satisfaction Scores Do Not Tell the Whole Story

One day, I received terrible news. A friend’s marriage, which had seemed fine for the last seven years, had suddenly turned rocky. His wife had gone to her mother’s place and refused to return. She wanted to file for a … Read More

education crm

How the Education CRM Can Give You a Significant Advantage in the Industry?

The education sector is booming. In the eight years from 2008 to 2016, the number of students in Indian universities and colleges doubled and touched a massive 28.5 million, and the number will keep increasing. The Department of Higher Education … Read More

Buying a CRM

6 Silly Mistakes Leaders Make While Buying a CRM (And How to Avoid Them)

The digital economy is upon us. Even laggards have begun to embrace technology. Nobody has a choice to escape it if they want to survive in the present and future. The government of India has launched long-term training programs to … Read More

crm software

If Your Business Works Like This, You Don’t Need a CRM Software

Competition has exploded today and business are into bandwagon era where every business think, that they require a crm software Businesses – startups and enterprises alike – are looking for ways to get an edge in the market. The simplest … Read More

setting up a call center

5 Common Mistakes That Call Centers Make While Setting Up [And How to Avoid Them]

Various types of call centers engage with us every day. Here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid while setting up a call center. Some are outbound sales call centers where agents call us to convince us to buy something. … Read More