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How Cloud Telephony works?

What is Cloud Telephony system and how it works?

Everything is moving to cloud then why not Telephony. Basically, Cloud telephony means moving your PBX out of your office to cloud.  There is a lot of grey area on how the Cloud Telephony system works and its benefits to … Read More

cloud telephony solution

Cloud Telephony: Everything You Need to Know About It

If you have a traditional business phone system setup at your organization, try the following solution known as cloud telephony solution. Run a survey of your infrastructure – wires, infrastructure, devices – and the space they occupy. Now imagine most … Read More

How Outbound IVR-Inbound IVR Combination Helps You Get More Customers?

According to marketing guru Seth Godin, there are four types of people – prospects, customers, loyal customers and former customers. The loyal customers are often happy to spend more money with you. One way to engage with the four types … Read More

Sales Automation: Sky Rocket your business revenue using this tips

There are many sales automation tools available to automate Sales and Marketing activities. However, using different external tools will not give one big picture of the effectiveness of efforts. Since all the information regarding the customer is inside CRM, using … Read More

How Internal Service Desk can transform the workplace

Any team with more than 100 people, requires service desk to serve internal customers, i.e. employees. There are many internal service departments in any organisation, which provide internal support. In order to function smoothly and transparently, a central system is … Read More

CRM Implementation and Role of CRM Implementation Companies.

How to make your CRM Implementation Plan succeed? Most of CRM Implementation fails because CRM Planning and Implementation are either absent or not in line. How to implement CRM Software has always been an unanswered question, especially for first time … Read More

IVR Solutions and IVR Call Center Case Studies.

Indian businesses have used interactive voice response, IVR Solutions in very innovative ways for customer service. IVR Call Centers where IVR Systems are deployed can handle large call volumes with very minimal human resources. Here are four case studies, where … Read More

IVR Tips: How to do IVR Testing for Best IVR results [Video]

How to create IVR system that your Callers would love. For best IVR results, proper planning is required. Without adequate IVR testing for your IVR message as well as appropriate IVR service provider, you cannot ensure customer delight. However many … Read More

What is IVR [Video]

All of us have used IVR system more than we can think. Still the question, What is IVR remains unanswered entirely. IVR is used to handle huge of calls at a little cost. IVR is used for automatic call distribution … Read More