Customer Service

Most effective Customer Service is the one which does not cost you.

In the world, when customers are demanding more and more freebies. The Service which does not cost the vendor is most effective. Let us understand the reason and logic of customer service. Most of the Sales people believe that in … Read More


CTI – Computer Telephony Integration

The modern Call Center and Helpdesk require modern CTI or Computer Telephony Integration solution to enhance the agent performance & customer experience. CTI is a fancy word to describe integration between computer application & telephony system. Generally, CRM or Customer … Read More

crm export excel

Importing Data to CRM from Excel and other Sources [Video]

Whenever any company implements CRM, the first question is whether the new CRM can import their existing data or not? The Good news is that any modern CRM has a very elaborate and effective Import mechanism which allows importing the … Read More

Sales Tracking

Complete Guide to Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking is one of the complex components of Sales Management. Sales tracking includes tracking Sales Team, Sales Process, and Sales Funnel. A suitable Tracking mechanism for Sales will result in better Sales Results. Technically Tracking Sales means keeping record … Read More

Real Estate CRM for Dubai

Why we created Separate real estate CRM software Dubai

Dubai Real Estate market is very different and typical; there is a need for specialised Real Estate CRM Software Dubai. Also, the Real Estate market in Dubai is huge and thriving. With lots of expats in Dubai and many more … Read More

Cold Calling

Everything you want to know about Cold Calling.

Some say cold calling is dead, and some feel that cold calling will stay forever. Of course, the definition and way of cold calling have changed a lot. But still cold calling, in a different way, remains favourite of many … Read More


Definitive Guide to TEC & TEC Certification

TEC or Telecommunication Engineering Centre provides the necessary certificate after proper testing of telecom products. TEC functions under DoT or Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. As per the Indian National Policy 2012 & amended Telegraph rules 2017, testing & … Read More

Benefits of CRM in Hotel Industry

Benefits of CRM in the Hotel Industry

Benefits of CRM in the Hotel Industry are highly underrated. Hotel Industry is everything about extraordinary customer experience. Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest growing Industry in India and globally. Without proper automation and use of IT, managing the … Read More

SIP Trunk

Definitive Guide to SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk is a fabulous technology. However, in India, VoIP and SIP Trunking have legal restrictions. VoIP phone systems work on SIP Trunking. However, in India, it is used very differently as compared to the rest of the world. The … Read More

Definitive Guide to Cross-Selling [Free Tool Included]

Statistics says that cross-selling to an existing customer is much easier than selling to a new customer. It’s like everybody knows this fact. But it is hard to implement it successfully. The concept of selling more and selling other related … Read More