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Automobile Industry in India is growing very fast. At the same time, they are also facing challenges which are very specific to growth. Its interesting how Technology can be used to handle those challenges. The Automobile Dealership business has evolved significantly in last few years. Now they don’t just sell vehicles, but lots of other associated services, which has changed the way they work. Enjay Auto CALL is a complete and integrated Call Centre Solution for Automobile dealers, which can not only manage the business very well but also integrate with their DMS software.

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The challenges faced are as follows:

  • Cater efficiently to growing number of customers keeping in mind the growing competition in this segment

  • To improve customer service and experience drastically

Requirements are as follows:

  • Keep a track of all calls, with recordings

  • Report needed for all calls,including missed calls report.

  • Call Management from CRM, to make tracking of calls easier.

  • Management of Insurance, Service contract and follow up campaigns

For this they require a strong and scalable system that will be able to manage the whole business process. Also most of above things are done through Telephone. So the solution has to be integrated with their Telephony (EPABX) System.

They typically have small calling teams which work very closely with their back offices. Also they have to use CRM provided by the Vendor Company (popularly known as – DMS – Dealer Management System). So whatever solution they buy has to integrate with this DMS + Telephony and also be able to manage their business process.

Call center solution for automobile and its benefits:

  • Service & Contracts Followup:

    • DMS provides list of vehicles for which service is due, this is transferred
      to EnjayCRM, from where the calling and follow up is done.

    • Complete follow up and call disposal facility available, so that reporting is done properly.

    • They can create calling campaigns for their Agents, on their own by importing data from their DMS.

    • Agent can easily select campaign and its related script (for helping him what to talk) and do enquiry follow up and add disposition at the same time.

  • Lead Management:

    • Generally DMS has leads module, but does not have system for follow up of leads, this is done in EnjayCRM.

    • EnjayCRM provides lead management for Insurance, Service Contracts as well as Vehicle sales also.

  • Automated Voice Call broadcast:

    • In order to announce schemes and send automated service reminder calls they use automated Voice broadcast mechanism provided by enjay Synapse.

    • They can also take feedback from customer on this automated system.

  • Insurance Management System

    • A complete CRM which manages entire Automobile Insurance system, including renewals, reminders, call details and a detailed KYC information.

    • Additionally this data is in format which is compatible with DMS data structure.

    • Followup of calls is provided for the Agents, so that they don’t miss anything.

  • Complete Contact Center Management (integrated with their DMS):

    • They have 10 people contact center for whom they assign separate campaigns and then Agents call people. Different campaigns include:

      • Insurance Sales Calls.

      • Insurance Reminder Calls.

      • Service reminder Calls.

      • Service Feedback Calls.

      • AMC Sales Calls.

      • AMC due – reminder calls.

      • Regular Sales Lead follow up (walk-ins and referrals).

    • These lists are taken from DMS system, and then entire management is done in EnjayCRM, which provides complete Agent Efficiency reporting as well as
      business process integration.

  • Telephony Integration with old EPABX:

    • Their old Syntel / NEC EPABX are completely used and integrated with Enjay Synapse.

    • All their existing Extensions are working as it is, without disturbing their usual work.

    • Additionally, they get recording of all calls, reporting, IVR which is played when any customer calls and helps in routing the calls to respective

    • Conference facility to have telephonic meetings with their branch people.

  • Simplified, realtime and analytical reporting:

    • Dashboards provide simple and real time reporting for Agents, Managers and boss also.

    • Weekly and monthly analytical reports provide deep insight into employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.

 Get Integrated CRM/Telephony solution for your business

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