SIP Trunk

Definitive Guide to SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk is a fabulous technology. However, in India, VoIP and SIP Trunking have legal restrictions. VoIP phone systems work on SIP Trunking. However, in India, it is used very differently as compared to the rest of the world. The … Read More

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Definitive Guide to Cross-Selling [Free Tool Included]

Statistics says that cross-selling to an existing customer is much easier than selling to a new customer. It’s like everybody knows this fact. But it is hard to implement it successfully. The concept of selling more and selling other related … Read More

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A Definitive guide to ACD – Automatic Call Distribution

Discussion about call centre, Dialer, IVR and inbound call centre always revolves around ACD – Automatic Call Distribution. The Main purpose of ACD is optimise the entire Call center process, increase the efficiency and decrease the cost. Let us take … Read More

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Debt collection Agency

How does the Debt Collection Agency work?

BFSI companies have to collect money from people on a continuous basis, which is outsourced to a third party, the Debt Collection Agency. However many times they have their own collection department. Inefficient collection system can paralyse the cash flow … Read More

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CRM Dashboard

Definitive Guide to CRM Dashboard for Sales and Helpdesk

Jack Welch says, In God we trust, all others bring Data. CRM Dashboard is the place where all the data is visible. The idea is that if it’s measurable, it can be manageable. But if it’s measurable in Real-time, it’s … Read More

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whatsapp with tally integration

How Whatsapp integration with tally can increase your productivity?

Know More Communication is a crucial aspect of every business. In the workplace, it creates unity, sharing of feedback, improved customer relations and employee engagement, and enhanced innovation. Whatsapp with tally integration if developed will help for the same reason. … Read More

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increase your car dealership business

How to increase the revenue of your car dealership business?

India is one of the most bullish markets for automobiles and it is very difficult to increase your car dealership business In 2018-19, around 3.4 million vehicles were sold in India. No wonder every company – local and international – … Read More

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iot with crm integration

How IoT is Boosting Efficiency and Effectiveness of Organizations Today?

The world on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution. With this IOT with CRM integration is becoming popular at the rate of nauts. This revolution will be driven by the internet which will connect devices ranging from toasters to … Read More

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losing customers

Are you losing customers – These 5 mistakes indicate that you indeed are.

Every business wants to thrive, not just survive. Here are 5 mistakes that indicate that you are losing customers. Most businesses think that the key to thriving is to get more customers. But the real key is to be profitable. … Read More

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How to Save Your Company From Declining into “Day 2”

Do you feel like your market has potential? Like your business can do better? If yes, you’re right. No matter where any business currently stands, it can serve its market better. Even giants like Amazon, Google and Apple are always … Read More

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