common sales mistakes

4 Common Sales Mistakes Most Businesses Make While Pursuing Sales Opportunities

Read Time: 4 minutes We’ll repeat something we’ve always said – customers are the lifeline of any business. Without customers, there is no business. Without repeat customers, a business becomes almost impossible to sustain. This is why it’s critical to pursue sales opportunities with … Read More

sales opportunity plan

How to Build a Sales Opportunity Plan Which Works All Year Round

Read Time: 5 minutes Even the most astute salespeople sometimes get confused about the difference between a sales lead and a sales opportunity. These terms could be used interchangeably, but they’re different. If you’re not familiar with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques and salesforce … Read More

Ideas to Improve Sales Performance

6 Ideas to Improve Sales Performance in Your Organization

Read Time: 4 minutes Your sales team members are your on-ground warriors. They’re the wheels that keep your business moving. Without sales, there is no business. And without business, there’s no accounts, operations, human resources, IT… there’s nothing. Your sales team needs to be … Read More

improve sales performance

10 Important Questions You Must Answer to Increase Your Success at Sales

Read Time: 5 minutes In the previous article, we discussed the five stages of a sales pipeline. We got emails from readers asking how salespeople and managers could structure their activities to navigate through these stages and effectively manage the sales pipeline and improve … Read More

sales pipeline

The 5-Step Process to Manage Leads in Your Sales Pipeline

Read Time: 3 minutes So you’ve built a sales pipeline. How will you manage the sales pipeline? How effective is it? How many leads are qualified versus unqualified? How many leads are converting into customers? Not tracking these metrics to manage your sales pipeline … Read More

Voice Broadcasting Best Practices

5 Best Practices for Voice Broadcasting

Read Time: 4 minutes We’re living in the age of automation. Technology is a platform on which organizations are growing. The ones that don’t leverage technology are the ones that will soon go out of business. Technology is especially helping small and medium enterprises … Read More

Voice broadcasting

Everything You Need to Know About Voice Broadcasting for Your Business

Read Time: 6 minutes Until now, voice broadcasting was one of the most popular tools for political parties during times close to the elections. But now, the tool has evolved into something much more. It now proves as an effective medium for enterprises – … Read More

traits of an effective leader

5 Powerful Traits All Effective Leaders Have in Common

Read Time: 4 minutes The success or failure of an organization depends on its culture. An organization with a weak culture shows the below problems often encounter the same challenges over and over again. It even finds completing every day orders a daunting task … Read More

whatsapp marketing

Definitive Guide to WhatsApp Marketing

Read Time: 6 minutes More than 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp. That is 150 crore people. Moreover, it is used by them multiple times in a day. That makes WhatsApp Marketing the hottest topic for discussion.  Obviously, there are many ways to use WhatsApp … Read More

voice logger

The Definitive Guide to Voice Loggers in India and Their Correlation to Business

Read Time: 6 minutes If you have a telemarketing or call centre setup for your business, you know the importance of staying updated about what your agents communicate to your prospects and customers. Thus, a voice logger is essential for businesses which have a … Read More