crm evaluation

CRM Evaluation: Why CRM Trial does not help

Read Time: 5 minutes I know most of CRM vendors offer CRM Trial versions for evaluation purpose. But my experience says that evaluating the CRM based on a few days of trial does not work.  Most people think that they will use the system … Read More


The Definitive Guide to Telemarketing for Your Business

Read Time: 6 minutes There came the point when at Enjay IT Solutions, we realized that we needed to move beyond just face-to-face meetings to increase our customer base. We had been far too dependent on our sales team identifying prospects, trying to set … Read More

increase employee productivity

Increase Employee Productivity: Expectations vs. Reality

Read Time: 4 minutes During World War II, Russia strapped bombs to the backs of dogs (Alsatians) and trained them to run towards German tanks. These bombs could detonate with a remote control or when the timer went off. The Russians starved the dogs … Read More

sales calls

A Simple 3-Step Process to Increase the Success Rate of Sales Calls

Read Time: 4 minutes Salespeople are essential for an organization, especially for small and medium ones. They bring revenue that keeps the wheels moving and enable a company to scale up. Without them, the remaining teams – operations, accounts, marketing, human resources – would struggle … Read More

build a sales funnel

Simple Tips to Build a Sales Funnel for Free at Your Company

Read Time: 4 minutes Are you satisfied with the performance of your sales team? If you’re an ambitious leader, the answer is mostly no. But if you want to improve it, you might have vague ideas in your mind. You know there is scope … Read More

online sales Kill It business

Will online Sales kill IT Business? And what can be done?

Read Time: 9 minutes Although more than 70% of IT Hardware is sold through Channel Partners, the balance 30% that is sold through online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, etc creates enough turbulence to completely disrupt and destroy the market. Lately, there has been lots … Read More

How to Use a Sales Funnel to Fuel Business Growth

Read Time: 7 minutes Let me ask you three questions. (Be honest with the answers.) 1. Do you know how many customers you’ll onboard in this quarter? 2. How much revenue will you generate from those customers? 3. Are you sure of your answers? … Read More

measuring business growth

5 Potent Metrics You Must Use for Measuring Business Growth

Read Time: 4 minutes Growth is the most important metric for a business that wants to survive in the long term. Businesses that do not grow become complacent. Then competition pounces on them. But a business cannot know whether it’s growing or not just … Read More

customer satisfaction surveys

Here is Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Important (Plus 5 Free Questions You Can Use as a Template)

Read Time: 4 minutes Measuring customer satisfaction is a low priority for many businesses. This happens for two main reasons. One, they have hundreds of items on their to-do lists: increasing sales, following up for collections, responding to emails, checking statuses of unresolved issues … Read More

business growth

A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Understand What Business Growth Means

Read Time: 7 minutes Why does a business seek growth? So that it can serve more customers and earn more massive profits in return. And why shouldn’t it? Why shouldn’t people engaged with the company reap the returns of the value it adds to … Read More