crm evaluation

CRM Evaluation: Why CRM Trial does not help

Read Time: 5 minutes I know most of CRM vendors offer CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Trial versions for evaluation purposes. But my experience says that evaluating the CRM based on a few days of trial does not work.  Most people think that they will … Read More

Buying a CRM

6 Silly Mistakes Leaders Make While Buying a CRM (And How to Avoid Them)

Read Time: 5 minutes The digital economy is upon us. Even laggards have begun to embrace technology. Nobody has a choice to escape it if they want to survive in the present and future. The government of India has launched long-term training programs to … Read More

crm software

If Your Business Works Like This, You Don’t Need a CRM Software

Read Time: 4 minutes Competition has exploded today and business are into bandwagon era where every business think, that they require a crm software Businesses – startups and enterprises alike – are looking for ways to get an edge in the market. The simplest … Read More

crm failure reasons

7 Reasons Why Companies Fail After Deploying a CRM (And How to Avoid Such Mistakes)

Read Time: 4 minutes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is becoming more popular with each passing day. Research shows that businesses using cloud-based CRM grew from a mere 12% in 2008 to a whopping 87% in 2018! CRM is one of the fastest-growing industries … Read More

CRM Audit

How CRM Audit helps to improve CRM Usage and CRM Adoption for our Clients

Read Time: 5 minutes CRM Implementation is not a one time process. Continuous CRM Audit process is a must to have adequate CRM Usage and CRM adoption. At Enjay, we have a very elaborate process for CRM Audit, to help our Clients take maximum … Read More

Sales Tracking

Complete Guide to Sales Tracking

Read Time: 5 minutes Sales Tracking is one of the complex components of Sales Management. Sales tracking includes tracking Sales Team, Sales Process, and Sales Funnel. A suitable Tracking mechanism for Sales will result in better Sales Results. Technically Tracking Sales means keeping record … Read More

CRM Dashboard

Definitive Guide to CRM Dashboard for Sales and Helpdesk

Read Time: 10 minutes Jack Welch says, In God we trust, all others bring Data. CRM Dashboard is the place where all the data is visible. The idea is that if it’s measurable, it can be manageable. But if it’s measurable in Real-time, it’s … Read More

Here is Why the Future of CRM is Mobile!

Read Time: 6 minutes In a lecture at 99 Designs, marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk said, “Brands are spending millions of dollars on outdoor hoardings and display ads. But people aren’t looking at them anymore. In fact, people aren’t even looking at the roads.” He’s … Read More

CRM Implementation process and Role of both the team [Video]

Read Time: 7 minutes How to make your CRM Implementation Plan succeed? Most of CRM Implementation fails because CRM Planning and Implementation are either absent or not in line. How to implement CRM Software has always been an unanswered question, especially for first time … Read More

Hosted CRM v/s Onsite CRM solutions

Read Time: 3 minutes There is always a debate as to whether to go for hosted CRM solution or go for onsite one. Online or Onsite is the question. Many times its luring to go for onsite solution thinking that we will be investing … Read More

What is Cost of CRM System

Read Time: 2 minutes Let me try to demystify that. Firstly, I have called it CRM System and not software, because – simply put CRM is a system to be implemented ant not software to be installed. Secondly cost of CRM is divided in … Read More