Buying a CRM

6 Silly Mistakes Leaders Make While Buying a CRM (And How to Avoid Them)

Read Time: 5 minutes The digital economy is upon us. Even laggards have begun to embrace technology. Nobody has a choice to escape it if they want to survive in the present and future. The government of India has launched long-term training programs to … Read More

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If Your Business Works Like This, You Don’t Need a CRM Software

Read Time: 4 minutes Competition has exploded today and business are into bandwagon era where every business think, that they require a crm software Businesses – startups and enterprises alike – are looking for ways to get an edge in the market. The simplest … Read More

Hosted CRM v/s Onsite CRM solutions

Read Time: 3 minutes There is always a debate as to whether to go for hosted CRM solution or go for onsite one. Online or Onsite is the question. Many times its luring to go for onsite solution thinking that we will be investing … Read More

5 facts about Customer Relationship Management

Read Time: 2 minutes If I ask what is CRM – You will say Customer relationship Management. Right, it’s just what CRM stands for, but not what CRM is and what CRM can do. In this blog we are going to talk about 5 … Read More

What is Cost of CRM System

Read Time: 2 minutes Let me try to demystify that. Firstly, I have called it CRM System and not software, because – simply put CRM is a system to be implemented ant not software to be installed. Secondly cost of CRM is divided in … Read More

Difference between CRM and ERP

Read Time: 2 minutes Many times customers for Enjay CRM ask us – why can’t we integrate inventory into CRM system, after all CRM is about maintaining relationships of customers and inventory is sold to customers – so they are related. Actually they are … Read More

Do I need a CRM system

Read Time: 2 minutes India has been software super power, but ironically, Indian businesses use very less of IT, especially small businesses. However lately, with new generation coming into command and action, they have started realising need for Business Process Automation. Its been long … Read More

Why free CRM does not work?

Read Time: 3 minutes Many CRM software are available for FREE, but we also have many untold stories about CRM failures, when people try to download and use free crm, they usually don’t succeed. When we say that it is chargeable, they say that its … Read More