email enquiry handling

How to Manage Email Enquiries the Right Way in Your CRM Tool?

Read Time: 4 minutes A common feature many business leaders ask us for in our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is for all emails to get converted into enquiries automatically. If you’re a business leader who sifts through hundreds of emails each day, this … Read More


CTI – Computer Telephony Integration

Read Time: 6 minutes The modern Call Center and Helpdesk require modern CTI or Computer Telephony Integration solution to enhance the agent performance & customer experience. CTI is a fancy word to describe integration between computer application & telephony system. Generally, CRM or Customer … Read More

crm export excel

Importing Data to CRM from Excel and other Sources [Video]

Read Time: 5 minutes Whenever any company implements CRM, the first question is whether the new CRM can import their existing data or not? The Good news is that any modern CRM has a very elaborate and effective Import mechanism which allows importing the … Read More

5 Key Benefits of Integrating Your IVR and CRM Software

Read Time: 5 minutes Business is moving fast today. Every day, we read news about a new technology promising to bring innovation or a revolution in one sector or the other. Every sector is flooded with competition. People are looking for customized services. The … Read More

Sales Automation: Sky Rocket your business revenue using this tips

Read Time: 6 minutes There are many sales automation tools available to automate Sales and Marketing activities. However, using different external tools will not give one big picture of the effectiveness of efforts. Since all the information regarding the customer is inside CRM, using … Read More