customer satisfaction surveys

Here is Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Important (Plus 5 Free Questions You Can Use as a Template)

Read Time: 4 minutes Measuring customer satisfaction is a low priority for many businesses. This happens for two main reasons. One, they have hundreds of items on their to-do lists: increasing sales, following up for collections, responding to emails, checking statuses of unresolved issues … Read More

customer experience strategy

How to Build an Effective Customer Experience Strategy

Read Time: 4 minutes Renowned investor Warren Buffett uses a unique aspect to choose the businesses he invests in – moat. In ancient days, a moat was a deep, broad, ditch, filled with water, that surrounded a castle or monument. It served as the … Read More

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5 Customer Experience Quotes That Will Inspire You

Read Time: 4 minutes Ever since the internet became popular, it appears like the world has begun spinning faster. Behaviors, expectations, and offerings are changing at a fast pace – too soon for many businesses to keep up. One such behavior shift has been … Read More

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This Will Change How You Think About Customer Satisfaction

Read Time: 8 minutes Peter Drucker had said that the most basic purpose of a business is to create a customer. He was right. But if we take that purpose one step higher, it’s to create a repeat customer. To achieve this, companies must … Read More

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5 Metrics That Give You the Right Picture About Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Read Time: 4 minutes “How is my business doing?” This is a pressing question which every leader wants answers to because they give the leaders insights into the health of the business. The best indicator of a business’ performance, apart from revenue, is how … Read More


Customer Satisfaction Scores Do Not Tell the Whole Story

Read Time: 5 minutes One day, I received terrible news. A friend’s marriage, which had seemed fine for the last seven years, had suddenly turned rocky. His wife had gone to her mother’s place and refused to return. She wanted to file for a … Read More

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Customers Feedback is the Best Source of Your Learning

Read Time: 8 minutes Customer complaints are the least glamorous aspects of any business. Yet no organization – even Apple and Tesla – can avoid them. These complaints come in various forms – online and offline, written and verbal, direct and indirect, and so … Read More

The role of team leader in handling customer complaints

The Role of a Team Leader in Handling Customer Complaints

Read Time: 5 minutes Even the most profitable and reputed businesses receive complaints from customers. These complaints come in all forms – written and oral, direct and indirect, online and offline. Every business wants to handle these complaints well. We all want to know … Read More

Customer Service

The most effective Customer Service is the one which does not cost you.

Read Time: 5 minutes In the world, when customers are demanding more and more freebies. The Service which does not cost the vendor is most effective. Let us understand the reason and logic of customer service. Most of the Sales people believe that in … Read More

How to Handle Customer Complaints Like a Pro?

Read Time: 6 minutes Handling customer complaints does not sound like fun for most business leaders. They would rather spend their time building strategies, attracting new business, and ensuring that their people achieve their respective targets for their Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs). Research states … Read More

CRM Dashboard

Definitive Guide to CRM Dashboard for Sales and Helpdesk

Read Time: 10 minutes Jack Welch says, In God we trust, all others bring Data. CRM Dashboard is the place where all the data is visible. The idea is that if it’s measurable, it can be manageable. But if it’s measurable in Real-time, it’s … Read More

Are you losing customers – These 5 mistakes indicate that you indeed are.

Read Time: 4 minutes Every business wants to thrive, not just survive. Here are 5 mistakes that indicate that you are losing customers. Most businesses think that the key to thriving is to get more customers. But the real key is to be profitable. … Read More