Inbound Conference Call

Why Enjay Reversed the Conventional Inbound Conference Call System [Video]

Read Time: 5 minutes Communication plays a crucial role in the functioning of an organization. In times of globalization, this becomes even more important. Branches of companies are no longer just spread across states in a country but across countries around the globe. It’s … Read More

Conference Call Etiquette

5 Conference Call Etiquettes and Best Practices You Cannot Afford to Forget

Read Time: 4 minutes The internet has enabled many collaboration tools to become accessible and affordable. It has also enabled communication across various time zones to become easy and seamless. One such collaboration tool is conference calling. These business-related phone calls enable multiple professionals … Read More

call center metrics

5 Call Center Metrics That Truly Matter to Business Excellence

Read Time: 5 minutes Employee productivity is falling. A 2016 Report by the US Bureau of Labor confirmed that employees are now less productive than before. This data applies to employees in your contact center as well. But should you worry about their effectiveness? Isn’t it … Read More

call center monitoring

How Call Center Monitoring Helps Improve Call Center Performance

Read Time: 4 minutes It’s all interrelated. To improve revenue, you must improve customer satisfaction. To improve customer satisfaction, you must upgrade how your people engage with your customers. To improve how your people engage with customers, you must monitor and coach them regularly. … Read More

Outbound Dialer Metrics

5 Important Metrics to Get the Most Out of Your Outbound Dialer

Read Time: 3 minutes Technology has made what seemed impossible for small and medium enterprises the new normal. Telemarketing and call centers are no longer restricted to large organizations. They’ve become an integral part of small and medium businesses as well. One of the … Read More


The Definitive Guide to Telemarketing for Your Business

Read Time: 6 minutes There came the point when at Enjay IT Solutions, we realized that we needed to move beyond just face-to-face meetings to increase our customer base. We had been far too dependent on our sales team identifying prospects, trying to set … Read More

setting up a call center

5 Common Mistakes That Call Centers Make While Setting Up [And How to Avoid Them]

Read Time: 5 minutes Various types of call centers engage with us every day. Here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid while setting up a call center. Some are outbound call centers for sales where agents call us to convince us to buy … Read More

motivate your employees

7 Surefire Way to Motivate Your Employees in the Call Center

Read Time: 5 minutes Many businesses set up call centers either as a helpdesk for employees, or a customer support center, or for inbound/outbound sales . Some call centers could address all the above-mentioned functions. Typically, the key components of a call center are … Read More

call center performance

How to Improve Your Call Center’s Performance to Make It More Effective?

Read Time: 5 minutes Employee productivity is falling. A 2016 Report by the US Bureau of Labor has 1 confirmed the fears of many leaders: that employees are now less productive (read, effective) than before. But should you worry about your employees’ productivity and … Read More

A Definitive Guide to Auto Dialer [Video]

Read Time: 6 minutes The discussion about Auto dialer starts with complex terms like preview dialling, progressive dialling, predictive dialling etc. An auto Dialer is a system or software that automatically dials the phone number. Automatic dialer software integration with CRM software increases agent … Read More