How Cloud Telephony works?

What is Cloud Telephony system and how it works?

Read Time: 5 minutes Everything is moving to cloud then why not Telephony. Basically, Cloud telephony means moving your PBX out of your office to cloud.  There is a lot of grey area on how the Cloud Telephony system works and its benefits to … Read More

cloud telephony solution

Cloud Telephony: Everything You Need to Know About It

Read Time: 5 minutes If you have a traditional business phone system setup at your organization, try the following solution known as cloud telephony solution. Run a survey of your infrastructure – wires, infrastructure, devices – and the space they occupy. Now imagine most … Read More

Hosted vs onsite PBX

Everything about Hosted v/s Onsite PBX Systems

Read Time: 5 minutes With the rapid explosion of internet connectivity, every aspect has evolved thanks to technology. Communication is one of them. Making VoIP calls – audio and video – seemed like a luxury about a decade ago. Today, it’s the norm. Social … Read More

hosted pbx

Why You Should Use a Hosted PBX System for Your Business?

Read Time: 5 minutes A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a business-centric system that routes phone calls within the organization. It works as an exchange point between users and acts as a central phone line. The world is changing and one should move to … Read More

ivr solution for small business

How You Can Choose the Ideal IVR Solution for Small Business?

Read Time: 5 minutes Interactive Voice Response a.k.a IVR solution are currently getting a lot of attention to small enterprises. And for good reason. Here is how you can choose the best IVR solution for small business. We’ll get into the benefits that modern … Read More

How Outbound IVR-Inbound IVR Combination Helps You Get More Customers?

Read Time: 4 minutes According to marketing guru Seth Godin, there are four types of people – prospects, customers, loyal customers and former customers. The loyal customers are often happy to spend more money with you. One way to engage with the four types … Read More

IVR Tips: How to do IVR Testing for Best IVR results [Video]

Read Time: 6 minutes How to create IVR system that your Callers would love. For best IVR results, proper planning is required. Without adequate IVR testing for your IVR message as well as appropriate IVR service provider, you cannot ensure customer delight. However many … Read More

Inbound IVR

What is IVR [Video]

Read Time: 6 minutes All of us have used IVR system more than we can think. Still the question, What is IVR remains unanswered entirely. IVR is used to handle huge of calls at a little cost. IVR is used for automatic call distribution … Read More

Disadvantages of Cloud Telephony

Read Time: 6 minutes Cloud Telephony has become a buzz word while choosing any call centre options or technology. But have you ever thought or discussed its features with the Sales guy selling you the Telephony solution. Let’s discuss the features of Cloud Telephony … Read More