Sales Metrics

9 Sales metrics to track your Sales Team Performance in 2020

Read Time: 5 minutes There can be more than 300 different variations of key Sales Metrics which are measured by Sales Manager across the globe. But are these metrics effective? Does measuring them help us in achieving the desired sales results? This brings us … Read More

sales territory management

How to Optimize and Manage the Territory for Your Sales Team

Read Time: 4 minutes Rarely does a salesperson be responsible for a single customer? Most salespeople are responsible for onboarding and servicing customers in specific areas. Sales reps have databases of hundreds of such prospects and customer base whom they contact regularly. If we … Read More

customer persona

Why It’s Dangerous to Think That Everyone is Your Customer (And How to Find Your Real Customer)

Read Time: 5 minutes Ask most leaders who their ideal customers are, and they say, “everyone.” It’s natural to believe that everyone needs what you offer. After all, why would you want to turn someone who can pay you money away? That would be … Read More

common sales mistakes

4 Common Sales Mistakes Most Businesses Make While Pursuing Sales Opportunities

Read Time: 4 minutes We’ll repeat something we’ve always said – customers are the lifeline of any business. Without customers, there is no business. Without repeat customers, a business becomes almost impossible to sustain. This is why it’s critical to pursue sales opportunities with … Read More

sales opportunity plan

How to Build a Sales Opportunity Plan Which Works All Year Round

Read Time: 5 minutes Even the most astute salespeople sometimes get confused about the difference between a sales lead and a sales opportunity. These terms could be used interchangeably, but they’re different. If you’re not familiar with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques and salesforce … Read More

Ideas to Improve Sales Performance

6 Ideas to Improve Sales Performance in Your Organization

Read Time: 4 minutes Your sales team members are your on-ground warriors. They’re the wheels that keep your business moving. Without sales, there is no business. And without business, there’s no accounts, operations, human resources, IT… there’s nothing. Your sales team needs to be … Read More

improve sales performance

10 Important Questions You Must Answer to Increase Your Success at Sales

Read Time: 5 minutes In the previous article, we discussed the five stages of a sales pipeline. We got emails from readers asking how salespeople and managers could structure their activities to navigate through these stages and effectively manage the sales pipeline and improve … Read More

sales pipeline

The 5-Step Process to Manage Leads in Your Sales Pipeline

Read Time: 3 minutes So you’ve built a sales pipeline. How will you manage the sales pipeline? How effective is it? How many leads are qualified versus unqualified? How many leads are converting into customers? Not tracking these metrics to manage your sales pipeline … Read More

telemarketing software

How to Make the Most of Your Telemarketing Software

Read Time: 4 minutes Finding the right telemarketing solution for your business can be challenging, but it’s crucial. This is because the performance of the solution will determine how efficient your telemarketing team is. This is why you must approach the activity of choosing … Read More

telemarketing call center

5 Practical Tips to Set Up a Telemarketing Call Center

Read Time: 4 minutes A telemarketing call center is not beyond the scope of any business today – even small and medium enterprises. Telemarketing can help businesses achieve many objectives like creating awareness, leads generation, increasing telesales, collecting customer feedback, and more. We have … Read More

telemarketing for small business

7 Reasons Why Small and Medium Businesses Should Not Ignore Telemarketing

Read Time: 4 minutes Customer experience is soon turning out to be the single most powerful differentiating factor between business and brands, no matter how small or large they are. Also, businesses are no longer restricted to cater to customers of specific geographic locations. … Read More

what is the difference between telemarketing and telesales

Telemarketing or Telesales: What Does Your Business Need?

Read Time: 4 minutes Many people get confused between telemarketing and telesales. They assume both to be the same. So what is the difference between telemarketing and telesales? Both activities comprise of different activities and cater to different needs for businesses. Telesales was the … Read More