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Business is moving fast today. Every day, we read news about a new technology promising to bring innovation or a revolution in one sector or the other. Every sector is flooded with competition. People are looking for customized services. The need to innovate in products or services is increasingly draining companies off their resources. Same is with CRM software, you need to innovate and what better to have an IVR integration with the CRM

During such times, the most effective form of innovation is customer experience. Or more honestly, customer delight. One way to delight customers without burning tons of cash in R&D is remarkable customer support.

You can increase customer satisfaction by using simple technologies like an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. You just to make sure that your IVR Integration is perfect with your CRM

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CRM and IVR in a Nutshell

A CRM software enables your business to capture and manage important data of your customers and potential customers (with their permission). It strengthens your relationship with your customers and improves profitability. Without CRM system, your sales team would get involved in more documentation and less selling. Or it will miss sharing important communications, which would lead to a drop in your customer satisfaction scores.

An IVR technology is a telephony menu system that identifies, segments, and routes callers to the most appropriate department. Without it, your callers would be all over the place, as would your staff. This would drain your organization’s efficiency and productivity. Not to mention that it would, once again, reduce customer satisfaction levels.

When these technologies were introduced, people looked at them in awe. But just like smartphones, they evolved and became easier to use with time.

When your CRM gets integrated with your IVR, it leads to the following results:

  • Calls get routed quicker to the right department
  • You can log, record and monitor calls for quality assurance and compliance
  • Your agents can get information about callers, their history and cases in a flash, and resolve their issues faster
  • Your agents can use the click-to-call and auto-dial features to make outbound calls faster.
  • You can track key performance indicators like average handling time, first-call resolution, call volume, dropped calls and so on.

5 Key Benefits of The CRM IVR Integration

Now that you know what you can get once your CRM gets integrated with the IVR, let’s discuss what are benefits of CRM integration which can be beneficial for your business.

Reaching More Prospects

Prospecting is a priority for any sales team. The more you prospect, the more opportunities you create to generate revenue. Technology enables them to do just this and makes life easier.

Manual dialing is bound to slow your sales team down. An integrated CRM and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system eliminate this. Telephone numbers connected with Enjay’s system can be clicked on to dial automatically. This means your sales team can make faster outbound calls and connect with more prospects.

Research shows that happy customers are prepared to share referrals, but sales people don’t ask. An integrated system can prompt your team to do this and increase your prospect base.

Improved Conversion Rate

The more your reps prospect, the more they can convert. But merely calls are not enough. Your team needs information too.

According to research, 92 percent leads get contacted by the 6th attempt. The more relevant information a salesperson has, the better he can customize services to convince your prospect in each of these calls and eventually convert him to a customer.

Increased Agent Productivity

Because an IVR identifies and routes calls, customer support agents don’t waste time in transferring calls between departments. Also, since they have access to callers’ details, they don’t waste time asking useless questions. Instead, they can resolve customer issues faster.

Such a system also gives you access to dashboards on important KPI’s like handling time, pipeline leads, opportunities, and so on. You can monitor calls and provide feedback to agents to help them reduce call duration and improve quality at the same time.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The most important metric for almost all customers is time. Long wait times and poor responses are the number one reason for them to feel disappointed. And most businesses prioritize customer service to retain their patrons.

An integrated IVR and CRM presents your customers with various options to save their time. One, it routes call to the right department at the first attempt. Two, it presents callers in some cases with the option of self service.

For instance, banks use ivr integration to provide customers with options like knowing their bank balance, resetting their PIN, updating personal details, and so on. Callers can complete these tasks without speaking to a human being.

All this enhances customer satisfaction which presents opportunities to generate revenue for your business.

Increased Use of Your CRM

Many times, salespeople don’t log calls because they complain about lack of time. But lack of this data limits your view on how they engaged your prospects and customers.

As mentioned in benefit 1, integrating your CRM and IVR makes contact numbers clickable. And each time your sales team uses the auto-dial and click-to-call features, the system logs it. You can use these logs to conduct more in-depth sales reviews. Plus, you can monitor these calls for improvement in quality and use them for training purposes.

Summing Up

Customers want to feel special today. They want to feel like they’re receiving tailormade services.

You can fulfill this innate desire of theirs with data. It allows you to design a compelling offer, and reach the right customer at the right place, at the right time, with the right price.

By integrating your CRM and IVR, you can make your business stand out even in the most hyper-competitive market. All you need to know is how to look at your data.

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