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15th August 2018, Enjay celebrates the 19th anniversary by giving away a free association membership software. Not a lite version, this is full fledge Solution. This is Enjay’s way of giving back to the Society, a kind of CSR Activity.

More and more non-profit organisations are bringing in great professionalism in their working. They use IT even better than business houses.

Any Association or Club or NGO requires some infrastructure to manage itself. In current times, it has to be an intelligent software. It cannot be a spreadsheet or a simple database structure. Hence we customised Enjay CRM to one of the best membership CRM software for Associations and Clubs.

Enjay’s Membership Management is already being used by many different Associations. Its a perfectly baked, ready-to-use product. We are giving this as Free as it is. Its not a lite version, its a full fledged Solution.

Get Membership Management App for your Association for FREE

Features of Membership Management Tools

Enjay Association Management Software is a cloud-based

  1. New Membership Registration Process.
  2. New Member Renewal Process.
  3. Linking with existing Website of Association.
  4. Communicate via Email/SMS/WhatsApp (individually and in bulk).
  5. Events & Meetings Management.
  6. Mobile Membership Management App.

Modules Included in Free Association Management Software

  1. Contact Management.
    Separate Companies and person module store all the relevant information required.
  2. Membership Process.
    Manage the entire process of inducting a new member. Right from registration to fees collection to approval from board etc.
  3. Membership Renewal process.
    Membership renewal and fees collection process is managed.
  4. Event Management 
    Create events, invite members, allow them to register. Real-time attendance management from Mobile App. Can have different types of events for
  5. Activities Management
    Emails, SMS, WhatsApp & meetings. SMS, WhatsApp and Email Templates make communications fast and easy.
  6. Document Management
    All membership documents can be stored in digital format. Eg: Registration form, Statutory documents, GST details etc.
  7. Board Membership Management. 
    Manage year wise board details with designation and tenure.
  8. Sponsor and Speakers Management.
    Manage all the information regarding speakers and sponsors.
  9. Reporting and analysis.
    Mobile Dashboards with a detailed reporting tool on the browser front.

Probably the only Free Membership software with Native mobile App support.

Get Membership Management for your Association for FREE

Features of Free Membership Management Software

Basically, it will handle all the activities of any association, Club or chamber of commerce, or any kind of organisation. The features mentioned here are only a small set of actual features. Since it is based on Enjay CRM, any kind of new functionality can be easily added or modified.

  • Complete information and history of Members.
    • No limitation on fields. Entire membership database with all the details is in one place.
    • Manage different membership levels if required.
    • Complete historical information about the board (office bearers period-wise)
    • Can handle different types of membership options. Unlimited levels of membership. The unlimited categorisation of the member list.
    • Keeps track of membership fees received and pending.
    • Reminders for membership renewals. Can send emails directly from the system. Automated birthday and anniversary reminders. Unique Automated and manual Email Marketing functionality included.
    • Keep information not only about members but also about their family members, their birth dates, anniversary etc.
    • Can be linked with the Association website. When someone applies for membership, there is an automated entry in Membership management software. IT can trigger necessary automated workflows (sending emails to him & board etc).
    • Store professional information of Members, period wise. Eg., Mr X might be CTO in some organisation, but then he might change to the CEO in some other organisation. Membership Management Software keeps track of all the activities.
    • Store profile of members based on tags, this makes easy to do targeted searches and reporting.
  • Sponsorship Management
    • Manage data of Sponsors (current and potential)
    • Unlimited levels and types of sponsorships.
    • Track the events or conferences done by them.
  • Managing Meetings, Conferences and Events
    • Event registration can be done by members and guests
    • Can keep track of meetings, attending members.
    • Option to attach minutes of meetings, even photographs.
    • Can create events and keep track of attending members. You know who are active members and who are only members
    • Also can allow all the office bearers to log in to the system and manage their own tasks and work. A Perfect Team management tool.
    • Includes basic project management also.
  • Multi-Chapter Support
    • Can handle multiple chapters (branches) of any associations. Since it is web-based, it can be accessed by geographically spread teams.
  • Other features
    • Access Control levels, for allowing different access control to different teams.
    • Multiple Language support.
    • Mobile (Android) Membership Management App
    • Easily configurable and customisable.
  • Reporting and Analysis
    • The legendary strength of Enjay CRM for reporting is matchless.
    • Dashboards for real-time reporting.
    • Schedule reports getting informed automatically about the current status.
  • Hassle free Cloud-Based solution.
    • No installations. No investment in hardware, no Capex. Simple and secure cloud-based solution.
  • Integration with Telephony [optional]
    • If you have a large number of members, donors or devotees, integration with telephony becomes a great advantage.

Useful for

  1. Clubs
  2. Associations
  3. Non-Government Associations
  4. Nonprofit organizations.
  5. Online communities.
  6. Charity Organisations.
  7.  Chamber of Commerce.
  8. Councils like Export Promotion Councils.
  9. Religious groups – like Temple, Mosque, Church, etc.

In short, its a complete and easy membership management software. Please share your comments/views/suggestions on this. We are eager to hear from you.

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