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Admit it. Your industry is saturated with cutthroat competition.

You cannot afford to let just your work do the talking anymore. Along with high-quality service, personal relationships play a key role in growing your business.

These relationships, or “weak ties” as Mark Granovetter declared in 1973, have potential to increase your information and influence, and identify growth opportunities.

Relationships and networks are a major reason why just eight percent salespeople close 80 percent sales deals.

But personal networking is a difficult task in today’s times of information overload. Excel sheets, diaries and Tally are not enough to maintain information about your contacts. Not to mention that as a solopreneur or small-business owner, you have your hands in everything.

The result is that you spend less time on tasks like prospecting and networking. Nor do you have a method to track the performance of your sales team. All this directly affects the amount of revenue your business generates. And the constant worry about where revenue will come from keeps you up at night.

A Personal CRM to Solve Your Problem

Many medium and large enterprises use personal CRM tools to store customer details and document interactions. But cash-strapped solopreneurs and small enterprise owners don’t have a tool to manage their personal relationships.

To address this challenge, Enjay has launched Latitude Lite – a free personal mobile CRM tool. If you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, or have a sales team of up to three people, this free business relationship app on the Google Play store will enhance your effectiveness in sales and prospecting.

Used optimally, this tool can increase your revenue by a whopping 300 percent!

Download the Free Latitude Lite app
from the Google Play Store here

Latitude Lite a personal crm mobile app simplifies your life and personal network in many ways. Some of them are:

Categorizing contacts by designation, company name and more. You no longer need to save the company name as part of your contact’s name to hunt for them in your address book.

Notifying you about scheduled follow ups so you can keep in touch with important connections. You can track follow ups that are scheduled, pending and even the ones you “forgot.”

Storing important details related to contacts in a single app. You can store notes, conversation history, tags and more, and access them easily anytime you choose.

Improve Your Personal Relations and Your Productivity

Latitude Lite offers a ton of features that enhance your productivity related to prospecting, follow ups, and building and nurturing relationships. Some of them are:

You get notified about scheduled follow ups and can log actions taken on them – calls, SMSs and meetings – with a single click. You also get reminders to wish contacts on birthdays and other important dates.

Contact Management:
You can import contacts directly from your phonebook into the app. Plus you can categorize them by designation, company name and more tags.

Your home screen is a simple and clutter-free dashboard which track completed, pending, and missed activities. This ensures that you always stay on top of your tasks.

All-Inclusive Communication:
Latitude Lite integrates with WhatsApp, your email client, phone’s dialer and SMS. This means you don’t have to manually open other apps to correspond with your contacts. It also provides you with predefined templates for common messages, and the freedom to design and save your own.

Tracking Salespeople’s Performance:
You can assign contacts and tasks to up to three other sales people and track their actions. Thus, you can use this simple app to conduct effective reviews with your salespeople and improve their performance.

You also have features like checking in and out of locations of meeting locations with timestamps through Google maps, verifying the validity of email addresses and phone numbers of your contacts, attaching and downloading documents using the notes module, personalizing the app according to your needs, and so on.

These actions help you streamline the process of engaging with your contacts and building stronger relations.

The Latitude Lite app can help you generate up to
3X more revenue for your business.

The Advantages of Improved Relations

Building strong personal relations presents you with many positive outcomes. Some of them are:

Increased revenue: Repeat customers have the potential to yield up to ten times more revenue than their first purchase. (source)

Increased profitability: Increasing customer retention rate by five percent increases profit by 25 to 95 percent! (source)

Less marketing spends: Retaining a customer is five to twenty-five times less expensive than acquiring a new one. (source)

Existing relations also provide references which have a higher chance of converting into sales than cold calling. All this enables your business to scale up faster and never fall short of an important aspect to keep it afloat – revenue.

Summing Up

Customers are the foundation of your business. Without them, the best product, team and culture accounts to nothing.

You cannot keep thrashing your hands and legs to get customers. It’s a terrible waste of resources. Instead, you need proven systems and processes to retain and grow your customer base.

Apps like Latitude Lite personal crm help you track your actions when it comes to prospecting, enable you to set realistic and goals, and achieve them. The more you follow a process, the better the chances of the outcome being positive.

Download your free mobile Personal
Relationship Manager and get cracking on
your business goals.

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