Indian businesses have used interactive voice response, IVR Solutions in very innovative ways for customer service. IVR Call Centers where IVR Systems are deployed can handle large call volumes with very minimal human resources. Here are four case studies, where Enjay Synapse is used as IVR  System.

Summary of IVR Solutions and Case studies

  1. GeM (Government E-Marketplace), probably world’s most massive Government Marketplace.
  2. Phalcomm Infra, Leading Real Estate Lead generation and sales management platform.
  3. Mahaonline, Maharashtra recruitment project by Government of Maharashtra.
  4., India’s leading used car marketplace.

Probably world’s largest Government E-Marketplace by Government of India is using Enjay Synapse as IVR Server and Enjay CRM as helpdesk Software

IVR Solutions for GeM Government-E-Marketplace

One of the most prestigious projects of Government of India to increase transparencies in Government buying is powered by Enjay Synapse IVR and Call Centre Solution. GeM is going to be one of the largest marketplaces of its kind.
GeM provides a single portal for Government buyers and Vendors to do business. Millions of buyers and Millions of sellers will be using this portal. Apparently, they also require support to use this platform efficiently. Hence GeM has set up a Call Centre as Helpdesk Support Centre. This Helpdesk centre provides multichannel support by Call, Chat, email, SMS.

Challenges @ GeM:

  1. More than 200 seater call centre will increase to 1000+ in very short time.
  2. Call volumes will go up to More than 25000 calls per day.
  3. The call centre is located in 3 cities currently and will grow to more than 10 locations, with centralised ticket management and reporting structure.
  4. Requirements include a Toll-Free number, Tracking all IVR based calls, getting a detailed report on abandoned calls, missed calls and finally recording all the calls.
  5. One particular requirement is IVR based Feedback mechanism.
  6. Above all, all of above data has to be integrated with their CRM which runs Helpdesk system.  

Current Solution @ GeM:

  1. Enjay Synapse IVR system deployed at three different locations with four PRI lines @ each location to handle incoming calls, for customer support.
  2. Customers call one toll-free number; Calls are routed to different Contact Center locations based on distribution logic.
  3. Enjay Synapse (IP-PBX) is integrated with Enjay CRM which handles helpdesk and ticketing system. Enjay Synapse also acts as IVR software for the call centre.
  4. Multilevel advanced IVR integrated on Toll-free number.
  5. Call queues to manage Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to Agents, who receive Call Popup on their screens, with all the details about the caller.
  6. Feedback IVR system implemented for taking caller feedbacks.

Benefits of Enjay Synapse IVR @ GeM:

  1. Increase in call centre Agents performance as the popup gives them caller information.
  2. IVR routes call according to set rules (e.g., Skill-based routing) for better efficiency, again.
  3. Automatic Ticket creation in helpdesk system with every call.
  4. Currently, 150+ executives can manage 10,000 plus calls every day.
  5. Based on IVR feedback, automatic ratings of Customer satisfaction directly into CRM helpdesk system.
  6. Real-time dashboards for various Team leaders and management positions.
  7. Detailed reporting on entire call centre and help desk operations. e.g.:
    1. Abandoned call rate.
    2. Answering call rate.
    3. Service Level.
    4. Average Handling time (AHT).
    5. Average wait time.
    6. Half hourly call analysis reporting
    7. Pick hour report.
    8. Feedback report.
    9. Top 10 callers etc.


IVR Solutions for Phalcomm Infra Solutions

Phalcomm is a sales and marketing BPO where contact centre manages multiple residential and commercial projects. They help real estate companies to achieve their sales and marketing; it’s like Real Estate Sales outsourcing. They have deployed Central Real Estate CRM solution which is integrated with Enjay Synapse using Enjay Synapse API.

Challenges @ Phalcomm

  1. Different Numbers and Different IVR systems for every Real Estate Client of Phalcomm.
  2. ERP system is not able to manage IVR and Call popup.
  3. Real-Time call assignment to different Agents and teams based on rules in ERP system. They also needed real-time manual call assignment and transfer from their ERP system.
  4. Different Music on hold on each IVR system.
  5. If they used traditional EPABX, they had to call EPABX vendor, every time they have to change the call flow and logic.
  6. EPABX does not provide detailed reports and real-time dashboards.

The solution deployed @ Phalcomm

  1. Enjay Synapse is deployed as their IVR Solution, where PRI lines are terminated.
  2. Enjay synapse provides IVR solutions, which are integrated with their ERP, using Synapse API. This provides complete control to IVR Server from the ERP itself.
  3. ERP manages DID (direct inward Dialling) number and extensions associated with it.
  4. Enjay Synapse IVR system provides different welcome messages for different callers.
  5. IVR Solution (Enjay Synapse) calls ERP in real-time using API to get the list of available callers (DID) and then creates the queue in real time.
  6. The call gets diverted to that particular queue, and the Agents get a popup accordingly.

Benefits of Enjay Synapse @ Phalcomm

  1. Easy management of multiple inbound call campaigns simultaneously.
  2. Their ERP manages Everything, directly without opening Synapse admin page.
  3. Dashboards show real-time Call activity and Queue status details.
  4. Every call is recording for training and quality control purpose. Of course, complete call reports are available in ERP system directly.
  5. Since agent gets a popup with complete caller details in their ERP, makes it easy to answer the queries.

IVR Solutions for Maharashtra Online – Maha Recruitment Services.

The government of Maharashtra runs this recruitment services for citizens of Maharashtra. Lots of people apply for the jobs, posted by various government agencies. Apparently, both the parties require support and help to complete their requirements. So MahaOnline, commissioned a Call centre with IVR solution to provide better Customer experience.

Challenges @ Maharashtra Online

  1. IVR system to be deployed for online Applicants.
  2. Previously to reset the password, applicants had to talk to Agents. They wanted to remove this system.
  3. Applicants had to talk to agents to know the status of their payments done. This consumed lots of workforces, which can be reduced.
  4. The Call volumes are enormous, and a proper Call Queue needs to be managed.
  5. Proper reporting about the efficiency of call centre executives and Customer experience was required.  

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Solutions Deployed @ Maharashtra Online

  1. Enjay Synapse IP PBX is deployed for their PRI lines.
  2. Enjay Synapse is integrated with an online portal for application management.
  3. Password reset is done using IVR Solution. Applicant enters DOB (Date of Birth) and registered Phone numbers.
  4. Synapse provides details on their Portal using Enjay Synapse API. Details on the Online portal are verified, and details are sent to Caller on their registered mobile number.
  5. To get payment details, the caller has to enter application number on their Phones using IVR prompt. Then Synapse sends this details to the online portal through API; Portal then returns the payment details. These payment details are converted to voice file using text to speech.
  6. Synapse plays these payment details using pre-recorded IVR messages on callers phones using IVR Solution.

Benefits of Enjay Synapse @ Maharashtra Online

  1. The efficiency of Call Center Agents increased because not most of the calls are handled by IVR without using Human intervention.
  2. Call Queue implemented for better Automatic Call distribution (ACD), also increased efficiency to a considerable extent.
  3. The Call recording of every call enables better training and quality control.
  4. Their existing EPABX is integrated with Enjay Synapse for call centre team to communicate with their back office team. Back office team is using existing EPABX.

IVR Solutions for – leading Used Car Portal

Trubil is a Mumbai based fast growing startup engaged in second hand and used car portal. They needed
Trubil is a Mumbai based fast growing startup engaged in second hand and used car portal. It’s an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of used cars. Their USP is that they also provide inspection services and other process management for both the parties. They receive lots of calls from their buyers and sellers. They also make lots of calls for follow-ups and also those who register on their online portal and Mobile App.

Challenges @

  1. Need for outbound IVR calls with multiple options. e.g., press 1 for buying, press 2 for selling and press 3 to unsubscribe.
  2. If a person is interested in buying or selling the car, then the call is transferred to Call centre executives.
  3. Detailed reporting of each IVR calls in their CRM system.
  4. All their platforms should be integrated with each other with API. Example: their portal, their mobile App, their trading platform, their IVR solution and their Customer Support CRM.

Solutions deployed @

  1. Enjay Synapse has been implemented with 3 PRI lines.
  2. They make Outbound Calling (similar to Voice Broadcast or voice blast) campaigns by uploading Phone numbers in excel files and Audio file for IVR.
  3. Enjay Synapse, the IVR Server dials phone numbers through their PRI lines and plays the audio file. Depending on the selection by the user, calls are transferred to the agents.
  4. Agents get Call popup on their Systems with complete and available details about the person being called.
  5. A detailed IVR Call report is generated. E.g., How many people pressed 1,2 or 3. The report gives them insights for measuring and improving their operations.

Benefits of Enjay Synapse @

  1. Easy to find the interested buyers and sellers from large volumes of leads.
  2. Interested Car buyer or Seller can instantly talk to the agents and their requirements fulfilled.
  3. Call recording and call reporting with detailed IVR selection options.
  4. API integration between IVR Solution, CRM and their Portal, eliminates duplication of work.

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