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At the heart of every business transaction, today lies one key element – trust. Successful businesses are no longer those that spend more on advertising. They’re the ones that build trust with their customers and Mobile CRM benefits in doing that

“You have to win your customer’s trust and business every day.” – Mark Cuban

This trust is a reputation which, in Warren Buffett’s words, can take twenty years to build and be destroyed in five minutes. This trust gets built when you offer your customers the right thing at the right time and the right place.

It’s no longer possible to do this consistently by relying on registers or spreadsheets. Your organization needs to leverage technology to boost sales. A mobile CRM tool is that technology.

Here are mobile CRM benefits for your organization.

  • Learning About Customers

To provide customers with what they need, your organization must first know what they need. In a dynamic environment like today’s, customer needs and requirements keep changing too fast for most businesses to keep up.

A CRM system helps your business learn about its customers – not just what they buy, but also why and who they are. This enables your business to anticipate your customers’ needs and interest levels, thus giving you a strategic advantage over your competition.

No wonder companies that use CRM applications can increase sales by up to 29% and sales forecast accuracy by up to 42%. Also, 24% more sales reps achieve their quota with mobile access to the CRM tools.

  • Accuracy of Customer Data

To effectively service customers, an organization must have accurate correct contact information. This data is important for any business because incorrect or outdated customer data is as good as a customer lost.

A mobile CRM system enables your sales and support teams to become more organized at capturing accurate customer data and gives them better access to it. According to research, 74% of users said their CRM gave them improved access to customer data. And this data accessibility shortens the cycle for sales reps by 8-14%.

  • Enhanced Data Security

Along with accuracy, security of data is important today. Companies that value their customers’ data as much as customers value it themselves tend to win more trust (and in return, more business).

Modern mobile CRM applications provide multiple layers of security. The application comes with a layer of security and the cloud based server it’s hosted on comes with layers of encrypted security as well.

This means companies don’t just protect their data from the prying eyes of the competition, but also safeguard their customers’ precious information from data theft.

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  • Better Achievement of Sales Quotas

CRM tools (especially mobile) have enabled sales reps to increase their conversion rate by a whopping 300%!

A mobile CRM software empowers sales reps to understand customer requirements, optimize their schedule for appointments and follow ups, and also identify products and services that they can upsell to their customers. These insights about the market gives them an advantage over other salespeople because they come across as knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy. Also, the points about shorter sales cycles mentioned above enables sales reps to meet their quotas faster, sometimes to the tune of 24%.

No wonder sales managers trust CRM software so much – 75% of them use a CRM to drive and increase sales and thus Mobile CRM benefits are to be proven true

  • Increased Profitability

An organization increases its profitability when its marketing costs come down or when it charges a premium for its offerings or both. And mobile CRM can help you achieve both these outcomes.

A CRM tool with these Mobile CRM benefits enables your people to provide your customers with a positive experience, which has many benefits. One, this increases customer retention (47% of users said that CRM has a significant impact on their customer retention rates). And retained customers are more profitable than new ones). Two, most customers who’ve had a positive experience with a business will refer the company to their friends and family, thus reducing marketing costs for the company.

  • A Productive and Accountable Workforce

A CRM tool brings structure to an organization. It makes people align to systems and processes and tracks whether they’re doing what’s expected from them. Automation shows the inefficiency if it exists in an organization and helps leaders take steps to eliminate it.

A CRM tool streamlines every process right from capturing leads from various platforms to sales calls, fulfilling orders, addressing customers queries and complaints, forecasting and upselling, and more. Business leaders can use analytics to identify in-demand products, track their people’s performance, and implement policies to improve on their KPIs.

That’s why effective organizations are more likely adopt CRM and other systems of record as much as 81%.

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  • An Excellent Return on Investment

CRM tools have known to increase revenue from each sales rep by as much as 41%. Add a shorter sales cycle, improved sales quotas and more productive bunch of people, a positive customer experience and your business can witness tangible results in form of a better topline and bottomline for an organization.

That’s why a CRM software (especially mobile) can give returns up to eight times more on the investment made in it.

Summing Up

A sizeable number of companies still don’t use a CRM software to store customer data and still rely on the old pen and paper, register or Excel spreadsheets. 22% of salespeople still don’t know what a CRM is, and companies still see a CRM as an expensive instead of an investment.

But we hope that the above statistics have shown you the significance of a mobile CRM in the functioning of every organization that wants to sustain in the long run.

Want to know how these statistics can translate into benefits for your organization? Connect with us for a free demo of Enjay’s mobile CRM application.

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