How many business leaders can claim to have a complete track of their sales team’s performance without a Mobile CRM software? The answer is a thumping zero.

With the speed at which customer expectations evolve, it’s difficult for businesses to keep up with the same, let alone provide a superior experience which is quickly turning into a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Mobile CRM

For businesses to cater to customer demands, a mobile CRM app is no longer an edge, it’s essential. It provides the sales team many opportunities to generate revenue and scale up. Some of them are:

  1. 65% companies using mobile CRMs report meeting their targets. On the other hand, only 22% without reported to match theirs.
  2. Companies with a high mobile CRM adoption rate also report a rise in productivity.
  3. Companies with a mobile CRM can provide a superior experience to customers. A Harvard Business Review study showed that customers who had the best past experience spend 140% more compared to those who had poor past experience.

Key Features of Mobile CRM

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – George Orwell, Animal Farm

Almost every mobile CRM software tools in the market are similar to each other. Yet, for your business to succeed, it’s critical to have certain features which are listed below. When you scout between software services to deploy for your business, ensure that these features are definitely present.

1. Tracking all Customer Details

The term CRM stands for customer relationship management. The prerequisite to maintaining effective relations with customers is to have their correct and updated contact details.

A mobile CRM solution not only stores customer’s contact details like their names, email address and phone numbers, but also maintains records of items they buy, purchase frequency, preferences, and so on.

This enables your sales team to be proactive and reach out to customers to make a sale instead of waiting for the latter to contact when they have a requirement.

2. Personalized Marketing

With the wide array of options available thanks to the internet, customers no longer want a scripted sale. They want to feel special and unique, regardless of whether they spend one dollar or one thousand.

Customers want quick responses, real time updates about the status of their orders and companies to pre-empt their requirements. Through actionable insights and accurate analytics, a mobile CRM solution should be able to empower business leaders and salespeople to deliver on these key success metrics consistently and predictably.

3. Portable Conversation Tools

Most customers want to respond on their terms at their times. They don’t want to be interrupted in their activities by a sales- or customer support-call.

This is why multiple communication mediums like WhatsApp, SMS and email are as integral in a CRM as a phone call feature. These ensure that your sales team can stay connected with customers without making the latter feel like they’re intruding.

Plus, the freedom to communicate with customers on the go ensures that your sales team is not confined to office spaces to engage with your customers. This increases efficiency and effectiveness for your sales team and drives up revenue.

4. Analyses and Insights Dashboard

“What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

The most common mistake that business leaders commit is to set outrageous targets for their sales team and then leave it to the latter to figure out how to achieve them. At the end of the month, leaders review the teams by which time it’s too late to arrest any mistakes in strategy or shortfalls in targets.

A CRM should provide mechanisms to track targets, performance, and pipelines. This way, leaders can stay on top of things and advice changes in tactics and strategy early on. This ensures that proverbial fires don’t erupt and leaders don’t spend most of their time dousing them.

5. Tickets for Customer Complaints

A satisfied customer might continue to do business with your company without providing references unless asked. But a disgruntled customer will tell ten others in her circle about an unpleasant experience. In the age of social media, that number can go up to 100.

This makes it important to lodge, track and address customer concerns and issues as quickly as possible. Your mobile CRM tool should provide the provision to do so in order for your sales team, operations team, leadership and other stakeholders to work on resolving customer issues more effectively and efficiently.

Summing Up

A good mobile CRM app is an investment, not an expense. It enables your people to make life easier for your customers and in the process, make their own lives easier. Not only does this increase revenue, it also makes your people more productive and your business more profitable.

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