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IVR Tips: How to do IVR Testing for Best IVR results [Video]

How to create IVR system that your Callers would love. For best IVR results, proper planning is required. Without adequate IVR testing for your IVR message as well as appropriate IVR service provider, you cannot ensure customer delight. However many … Read More

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Inbound IVR

What is IVR [Video]

All of us have used IVR system more than we can think. Still the question, What is IVR remains unanswered entirely. IVR is used to handle huge of calls at a little cost. IVR is used for automatic call distribution … Read More

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Enjay Delhi, Enjay IT Solutions Ltd Starts Operations in Delhi

We are now in Delhi. Enjay Delhi is a dream come true for the entire team of Enjay. All of the Enjay solutions like CRM, Call Center Solutions, Tally on Cloud and Thin Clients will be available from Delhi. About Enjay … Read More

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Benefits of WhatsApp CRM Integration

WhatsApp is probably most used means of communications across the planet. In India, WhatsApp is very widely used for business also. Apparently, your Customers also use WhatsApp for communication. WhatsApp CRM integration can be of extremely effective means of communication … Read More

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Opening of Enjay Ahmedabad Branch

After the recent launch of Enjay Branch in the UK, we are very pleased to announce that we are opening up a branch office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (Heritage City of India). We are shifting our office in Gandhinagar to a … Read More

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Disadvantages of Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony has become a buzz word while choosing any call centre options or technology. But have you ever thought or discussed its features with the Sales guy selling you the Telephony solution. Let’s discuss the features of Cloud Telephony … Read More

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Call Centre Setup using Android Phone with Enjay Synapse Mobile

How much time does a Call Centre Setup take? The answer is a couple of days or couple of weeks. But if we do Call Centre setup using Android Phone it can be done in 10 Minutes. Enjay Synapse Mobile … Read More

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Manage Google Mobile Contacts using Google Spreadsheet (Free Tool)

Google Mobile Contacts management with google sheets You can sync your Google Mobile Contacts with Google Contacts. What if you could sync Google Contacts with Google Spreadsheet. Yes, two-way sync between Google Contacts and Google Spreadsheet. All of us face this … Read More

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Press Release – Enjay honoured with CIO-Choice Award 2017.

Amidst a gathering of 400+ CIOs and ICT business leaders, Enjay IT Solutions Ltd has been recognized with CIO Choice 2017 Honor & Recognition title in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Category at the exclusive red carpet night, the only independent … Read More

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Enjay CRM Online Webinar Registration

Register for online Demo of our CRM Solutions. Understand how combination of Cloud CRM + Intelligent Mobile apps help you to manage your Sales & Support Teams. This webinar is done by our CRM Experts, who take you on an … Read More

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