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How Internal Service Desk can transform the workplace

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Any team with more than 100 people, requires a service desk to serve internal customers, i.e. employees. There are many internal service departments in any organization, which provide internal support. In order to function smoothly and transparently, a central system is a must.

Steve Jobs said, “Business is a Team Sport”. Enjay Helpdesk CRM is your internal management system for internal service delivery.

Enjay Helpdesk CRM is an ITSM tool or Service Desk system. It is based on ITIL standards which include Asset Management, Instance Management, SLA Management, Escalations management, Internal Feedback Mechanism, a self-service portal, and a mobile app. Moreover, it can connect to any other Enterprise Software application using its powerful API.

No more buck-passing and unnecessary delays in the service. Use Enjay Helpdesk to transform your workplace.

Departments served by Service Desk

The service desk is not limited to the IT service desk only, It can be extended to every internal service provider. It can be used by each and every employee.

  1. IT
  2. Admin/ Security
  3. HR
  4. Housekeeping
  5. Electrical/Civil
  6. Utility
  7. Catering
  8. Travel Desk
  9. Any other internal department

Enjay Helpdesk CRM helps you to transform your workplace with transparency and automation. It reduces the workload and increases the efficiency.

How Does Service desk Support work?

  1. Ticket Creation
    Anyone who requires any service can raise a ticket. The ticket is raised using email, SMS, Whatsapp, a Mobile app, or a Self-service portal.
  2. Asset Tracking and Reference
    The helpdesk System tracks asset warranty, support instances, and other details. While creating a Ticket references can be made to any asset involved. Eg: an IT asset, an electrical asset, or any other asset as identified by the system.
  3. Automatic Assignment
    The ticket gets assigned automatically to the concerned person (or team) in the particular department. The assignment is based on the ticket subject and other parameters.
  4. Ticket Resolution & Feedback
    The Desk support Executives or Desk technicians resolve the problem. A Feedback form can be automatically sent to the person who raised the ticket. Thus the rating of the service department is gathered automatically.
  5. Time & Cost Analysis
    The resolution time, first response time, and time spent on the resolution of the ticket are tracked automatically. Since the per hour cost of the Service Team is already known to the system, you can also get Time and Cost Analysis.
  6. SLA & Automatic Escalation
    If the ticket is not resolved during the specified time limits (as specified in SLA or service level agreement), it is automatically escalated to the concerned person as per the escalation Matrix configured in the Service Desk system.
  7. Dashboard and Customised Reporting
    Executives and Management at all levels are well informed about the performance of each and every department.
  8. Mobile Apps for everyone
    Enjay Helpdesk CRM comes with Mobile Apps for both the teams – the service providers as well as Service consumers. Enjay Mobile CRM is for Service Providers and Enjay Mobile CRM is for Service consumers.
  9. Built-in Integration
    Enjay Helpdesk CRM is integrated with Mobile, Web, Email, SMS, and even WhatsApp. This means Tickets can be created from anywhere. Even Notifications can come in any medium.
  10. Contract & Renewal Management
    Organizations have many contracts, agreements, subscriptions, AMCs, and renewals with various external agencies which need to be renewed in time. Enjay Helpdesk CRM helps to manage everything in one place with proper reminders
  11. Extended Integration using API
    Enjay Helpdesk connects to an Enterprise Application (e.g. HR software or ERP) using the CRM restful, secured CRM API.

Enjay Helpdesk CRM provides complete lifecycle management of entire internal service desk management for internal Customer service, covering each and every department.

Highlights of Service Desk system

Enjay Helpdesk CRM acts as a single point of contact for service support in each and every department. Having a single application to manage the entire service desk helps you get company-wide efficiency reports easily.

Problem management with Incidents and Service Requests

  1. Creation and resolution of Tickets and support instances. A single solution that encompasses executives, managers of service departments, and also the entire organization as a consumer of services.
  2. The advanced functionality of SLA, Automatic Escalations, and Notifications makes sure that automation works for you.

Infrastructure Library and Asset Management

  1. Manage all Assets in use, in repairing, scrapped & obsolete, including standby types of equipment also.
  2. Get an analysis of Asset wise tickets, and problems reporting.

Service Level Agreements and Automatic Escalations.

  1. Define SLAs and Escalation Matrix department-wise.
  2. CRM will automatically invoke SLA and do escalations automatically. Eg: If a ticket is not resolved in the specified period then it is escalated to higher authorities automatically.

Automatic Assignments and Escalations.

  1. Define your own workflows to automate your work and service requests.
  2. Can be used to notify seniors regarding escalations or feedback.

Integrated Email, SMS, WhatsApp & Call Center Functionality.

  1. A true multi-platform solution where everyone is allowed to work from anywhere.
  2. Mobile integration provides some fantastic functionalities. Eg: Attach a picture of the asset in the problem along with the ticket, which will help the service department to understand the problem easily and resolve it faster.

Automatic Smart Feedback

  1. A built-in smart feedback mechanism that collects the sentiments of people consuming service.
  2. A Smart Feedback mechanism sends email or Whatsapp whenever a ticket is closed and the user is asked to rate the experience.

Management Dashboards

  1. Which assets give maximum tickets.
  2. Departments that raise maximum tickets.
  3. Which Service department is performing best in ticket resolution.
  4. Get a single-window view of Escalated tickets.
  5. Analyze feedback received ticket-wise, asset-wise, department-wise, or according to any other parameter that you may define.

Cloud or In-house Deployment

  1. The flexibility of deployment. Use Enjay’s secured cloud or your own private cloud.
  2. Enjay provides OS which can be deployed in your VM or physical servers.

Contract Management

  1. Track and manage all your external contacts and vendors.
  2. Get timely alerts for renewals.
  3. Proper analysis of contract-wise tickets and instances might help you to negotiate and rate your current contract vendor.

Enjay Helpdesk CRM helps you track internal issues end to end, thus eliminating unnecessaries delays and inefficiencies. Also, at the same time providing you analytics for continuous improvements.

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