measuring business growth

5 Potent Metrics You Must Use for Measuring Business Growth

Read Time: 4 minutes Growth is the most important metric for a business that wants to survive in the long term. Businesses that do not grow become complacent. Then competition pounces on them. But a business cannot know whether it’s growing or not just … Read More

business growth

A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Understand What Business Growth Means

Read Time: 7 minutes Why does a business seek growth? So that it can serve more customers and earn more massive profits in return. And why shouldn’t it? Why shouldn’t people engaged with the company reap the returns of the value it adds to … Read More

hindu rate of growth

Is Your Business Experiencing the Hindu Rate of Growth?

Read Time: 4 minutes There has been a lot of debate on the term “Hindu Rate of Growth” which describes the slowdown in the Indian economy. Many people find this new term offensive. But the term is not new. It was coined by Professor … Read More

recession strategy

Sales Strategies during the Recession: How to Keep Your Business Alive When the Economy Looks Dead

Read Time: 5 minutes Finally, the Reserve Bank of India has admitted that India’s economy is facing a slowdown currently. The GDP has slipped from around 8% two years ago to 5% – the lowest in six years. This article might help you in … Read More