crm failure reasons

7 Reasons Why Companies Fail After Deploying a CRM (And How to Avoid Such Mistakes)

Read Time: 4 minutes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is becoming more popular with each passing day. Research shows that businesses using cloud-based CRM grew from a mere 12% in 2008 to a whopping 87% in 2018! CRM is one of the fastest-growing industries … Read More

ivr integration

5 Key Benefits of Integrating Your IVR and CRM Software

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Sales Automation: Sky Rocket your business revenue using this tips

Read Time: 6 minutes There are many sales automation tools available to automate Sales and Marketing activities. However, using different external tools will not give one big picture of the effectiveness of efforts. Since all the information regarding the customer is inside CRM, using … Read More

[Video] A Mobile CRM which logs everything without Data Entry

Read Time: 2 minutes Even Cars are becoming driverless, where you don’t need to drive in order to travel. Then, why you need to do all the boring data entry to get CRM reports? Frankly no one loves doing data entry. But Everyone loves … Read More