customer experience strategy

How to Build an Effective Customer Experience Strategy

Read Time: 4 minutes Renowned investor Warren Buffett uses a unique aspect to choose the businesses he invests in – moat. In ancient days, a moat was a deep, broad, ditch, filled with water, that surrounded a castle or monument. It served as the … Read More

customer experience quotes

5 Customer Experience Quotes That Will Inspire You

Read Time: 4 minutes Ever since the internet became popular, it appears like the world has begun spinning faster. Behaviors, expectations, and offerings are changing at a fast pace – too soon for many businesses to keep up. One such behavior shift has been … Read More

customer satisfaction

This Will Change How You Think About Customer Satisfaction

Read Time: 8 minutes Peter Drucker had said that the most basic purpose of a business is to create a customer. He was right. But if we take that purpose one step higher, it’s to create a repeat customer. To achieve this, companies must … Read More

measuring customer satisfaction

5 Metrics That Give You the Right Picture About Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Read Time: 4 minutes “How is my business doing?” This is a pressing question which every leader wants answers to because they give the leaders insights into the health of the business. The best indicator of a business’ performance, apart from revenue, is how … Read More