cloud telephony solution

Cloud Telephony: Everything You Need to Know About It

Read Time: 5 minutes If you have a traditional business phone system setup at your organization, try the following solution known as cloud telephony solution. Run a survey of your infrastructure – wires, infrastructure, devices – and the space they occupy. Now imagine most … Read More

Hosted vs onsite PBX

Everything about Hosted v/s Onsite PBX Systems

Read Time: 5 minutes With the rapid explosion of internet connectivity, every aspect has evolved thanks to technology. Communication is one of them. Making VoIP calls – audio and video – seemed like a luxury about a decade ago. Today, it’s the norm. Social … Read More

hosted pbx

Why You Should Use a Hosted PBX System for Your Business?

Read Time: 5 minutes A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a business-centric system that routes phone calls within the organization. It works as an exchange point between users and acts as a central phone line. The world is changing and one should move to … Read More