ruin a sale

5 Dreadful Mistakes Salespeople Make to Ruin a Sale

Read Time: 4 minutes Sales are the lifeline of a business. Good sales numbers show that the product or service has a market, which is the reason for a business to exist in the first place. We will cover some dreadful mistakes salespeople make … Read More

sales volume require

The Worst Answer to “How Much of Sales Should We Make?”

Read Time: 4 minutes Last week, I met an old friend after a decade. And I was shocked! During our college years, he was as thin as a stick. But now he was so obese that he had trouble walking. I asked whether he … Read More

losing customers

Are you losing customers – These 5 mistakes indicate that you indeed are.

Read Time: 4 minutes Every business wants to thrive, not just survive. Here are 5 mistakes that indicate that you are losing customers. Most businesses think that the key to thriving is to get more customers. But the real key is to be profitable. … Read More

increase sales and profits

5 Crucial Steps Your Business Should Take to Boost Sales and Profit

Read Time: 4 minutes “It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays wages.” – Henry Ford This quote resonates with every business leader. They understand that there is no business without a customer. They … Read More

Sales Automation: Sky Rocket your business revenue using this tips

Read Time: 6 minutes There are many sales automation tools available to automate Sales and Marketing activities. However, using different external tools will not give one big picture of the effectiveness of efforts. Since all the information regarding the customer is inside CRM, using … Read More