build a sales funnel

Simple Tips to Build a Sales Funnel for Free at Your Company

Read Time: 4 minutes Are you satisfied with the performance of your sales team? If you’re an ambitious leader, the answer is mostly no. But if you want to improve it, you might have vague ideas in your mind. You know there is scope … Read More

How to Use a Sales Funnel to Fuel Business Growth

Read Time: 7 minutes Let me ask you three questions. (Be honest with the answers.) 1. Do you know how many customers you’ll onboard in this quarter? 2. How much revenue will you generate from those customers? 3. Are you sure of your answers? … Read More

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5 Simple Metrics That Smart Sales Managers Track to Improve Their Numbers

Read Time: 4 minutes As parents, we fuss over how many marks our children score. We want our children to keep improving their grades. For this, we do many things. We instruct them to study longer hours, supervise their study time, take revisions of … Read More

How to Build a Sales Funnel That Works for Your Business [Real-Life Case Study Included]

Read Time: 8 minutes Most business leaders want to build a sales funnel to improve their business. But their understanding of what a sales funnel is varied widely. Some leaders believe that a sales funnel (or purchase funnel) categorises their leads into cold, warm … Read More