Benefits of WhatsApp CRM Integration

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WhatsApp is probably most used means of communications across the planet. In India, WhatsApp is very widely used for business also. Apparently, your Customers also use WhatsApp for communication. WhatsApp CRM integration can be of extremely effective means of communication especially by using Templates and automated transactional WhatsApp Messages.

Bulk WhatsApp is useless, But WhatsApp CRM integration can provide automated transactional WhatsApp Messages which is great.



Know how you can respond faster to your customers through WhatsApp


Lets first look at some numbers about WhatsApp:

  • More than 1.3 Billion Active users.
  • More than 75% of users use it daily.
  • Its 2nd most used Mobile App.
  • More than 55 Billion messages sent daily.
  • Most of Indians use it for Business also.

Three types of WhatsApp accounts.

  • WhatsApp Personal
    • Everyone has been using this for ages now (at least it looks like it). There are mobile Apps for almost every platform and also WhatsApp for Web, which works in alignment with your Mobile number.
    • It has personal information and essential communication functions which are extremely useful on a personal level.
    • This is free to use.
    • WhatsApp does not provide API for this type of Accounts.
  • WhatsApp for Business App. (SME)
    • WhatsApp recently launched this special Android-only App for SME businesses. Apparently, the most significant market for this app is, India.
    • It provides some useful features like necessary information about the business, Automated replies shortcuts for frequently used messages and similar other functions.
    • It also allows registering landline numbers for WhatsApp Messaging.
    • WhatsApp for Business App is free to use.
    • However, WhatsApp does not provide API for this type of Accounts also.
  • WhatsApp for Business (Enterprise)
    • In fact, WhatsApp launched this before launching the Business App for SME (as mentioned above). WhatsApp is targeting the  Enterprises.
    • This is not free and not available to all currently. It is available to selected few vendors as a pilot project and will surely come at a very dear cost.
    • WhatsApp is providing API for this Account, using as much automation as possible.


Improve your customer response speed by up to 150%.


Why does WhatsApp not provide API?

Obviously, WhatsApp (now a part of the Facebook company) wants its users to be on the mobile device and inside their App.

WhatsApp CRM integration makes CRM as personal as possible.

Benefits of WhatsApp CRM Integration

Bulk WhatsApp broadcast is apparently not on the cards here. We are talking about the transactional and operational use of WhatsApp for marketing promotions and Sales process management.

  1. Direct
    WhatsApp Message is the most direct means of communication. Most of the people read WhatsApp before they read email or SMS. So the effectiveness of WhatsApp is unparalleled.
  2. Rich Media
    Apart from Rich Text (like Bold, Italic and mono fonts) Rich media like PDF, Images, Docs, Contact Files, Locations etc. can be sent via WhatsApp.
  3. Acknowledgement.
    When the recipient has read the message, you get the acknowledgement within CRM about that.  The notification is also possible on Mobile App about read-receipt of some particular message.
  4. Workflow based
    CRM gives an option of automating the tasks and actions. Now, CRM automation based WhatsApp messages can be beneficial.
  5. Time-based
    Imagine sending Happy birthday Image or ETA of Delivery or anniversary greetings to your Client’s WhatsApp. Triggering time-based or date based WhatsApp messages is a great idea.

WhatsApp CRM Integration can be used in Marketing, Sales Follow-up, Support and even tracking orders or deliveries.

Most of the modern Custom CRM solutions come with the proper set of APIs and other technologies which allow CRM Integration with other Technologies. Enjay CRM, from Enjay, is also such a solution.


Know more about WhatsApp CRM Integration


Examples of WhatsApp CRM Integration

Here are few areas where WhatsApp CRM integration can work wonders. While this is a small suggestive list of use cases, the possibilities are endless. Your imagination is the only limitation.

  1. Lead Nurturing.
    1. Send your product brochures, Images and Videos to your prospect based on their recent interactions with your team (or your website).
  2. Sales Follow-up
    1. Send an automated WhatsApp message with details of your product (and preferably some images or doc files) when someone fills up a form on your website.
  3. Order Tracking and updates
    1. Send automated notifications about order tracking and delivery updates to your clients.
  4. For Customer Support and Ticketing.
    1. Helpdesk functionality can be revolutionalised using WhatsApp CRM Integration. Sending updates on the ticket creation,  status, and resolution.
  5. Get feedback from your customers.
    1. When a support ticket closes, send a small notification to your client with a small link which they can click and give instant feedback.
  6. Notifications for your Team
    1. Naturally, your team also uses WhatsApp to no small extent. How about notifying your Sales and support teams about inquiries or tickets being assigned to them or anything getting escalated internally.
  7. Keywords based automation.
    1. CRM integration for WhatsApp can be used to parse WhatsApp messages and act accordingly. Say your customer sends a message which starts with word “Support”, and a ticket is automatically created and assigned to him. This can be used in two ways.
    2. WhatsApp to Lead
    3. WhatsApp to Ticket.

How does WhatsApp CRM Integration work?

  1. One number is registered with WhatsApp as your Business Number. Your personal number is separate, and your business number is separate. You may use your office landline number to register for WhatsApp CRM integration purpose.
  2. Now your CRM talks with WhatsApp all the incoming and outgoing messages are going and coming through CRM and not on your mobile devices.
  3. Since CRM is triggering sending of WhatsApp messages, it can also be used in automation.
  4. Also, since the incoming messages can be read by CRM, it can trigger some special actions and notifications (example create a ticket when a message comes starting with “Support”).

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot system with WhatsApp, Messenger and chat support is near future

What’s Next with WhatsApp CRM Integration?

Obviously, the next step is going to be an Integrated AI based chat experience, Where the chat-bot engine is talking to all different mediums at the same time and responding to them. For example, your clients can communicate with you on SMS, WhatsApp or chat or Facebook Messenger and your Integrated AI based chatbot will respond automatically.


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      Of course. Everything mentioned in this blog article is legal. We have to understand one thing, for a company it is a policy and for Government or a Nation, there is a Law. WhatsApp is provided by a Company, which means it’s their policy an not a law.
      But to make things simple, we are talking about various types of WhatsApp accounts provided by the company and how it can be used for business.

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