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Why we created Separate real estate CRM software Dubai

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Dubai Real Estate market is very different and typical; there is a need for specialised Real Estate CRM Software Dubai. Also, the Real Estate market in Dubai is huge and thriving.

With lots of expats in Dubai and many more pouring in every month, the need for Real Estate is ever increasing in Dubai. Also, since there is a legal restriction on buying property in Dubai, most of the people have to hire it. Now since hiring a property is on leave license contracts, generally, for less than a year, the number of transactions in Dubai Property market is enormous.

Why Dubai Real Estate market needs a separate Real Estate Software or CRM, regular Real estate CRM meant for Builders and developers does not fit there.
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Why Real Estate CRM Software for Dubai?

There are various points to be considered, here.

  1. In India and most of the part of the world, a large part of the property transactions is that of buying and selling.
  2. Whereas in Dubai, the majority of property transactions are for leasing and not buying /selling.
  3. Leasing involves managing lots of contracts and renewals.
  4. Managing Renewals means that the CRM needs to have an elaborate system of reminders and notifications. Notifications and reminders are customisable as per requirement.
  5. For outright Sales, the sales process is one time. You build a property sale it out and come out of the transaction. But in the case of the leasing business, it’s a continuous process. The same property is leased every year.
The cost of lost opportunity is huge in the Real Estate market. Losing a lead or missing a follow-up is not affordable. u003ca href=u0022https://www.enjayworld.com/mobile-crm-sales-app/u0022u003eu003cspan style=u0022text-decoration: underline;u0022u003eu003cstrongu003eMobile CRMu003c/strongu003eu003c/spanu003eu003c/au003e for Real Estate helps you manage everything.
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Specialised features in CRM for Dubai Real Estate Market

We have to look at the features from two perspectives, firstly Let us understand what is in the standard Real Estate CRM Software and then about special features for Dubai Real Estate Market.

Standard Real Estate CRM Features

  1. Lead Capture from all the sources, like Manual entry, visiting card capture, Website integration, Web Portals integration, Property market place integration etc.
  2. Lead Management with minimum effort and maximum results.
  3. Dashboard to manage properties with all sorts of categorisation and classifications, e.g. Sales stage wise, location wise, type wise, etc.
  4. Track Sales Team performance with CRM Dashboards.
  5. Integrated Call Centre features for inbound and outbound tele-calling Sales and Marketing Team. Having features like ACD – Automatic call Distribution and IVR – Interactive Voice Response is a good idea.
  6. Manage the entire process of Real Estate Sales cycle.
    1. Create and Manage projects.
    2. Define Schemes and Payment schedules (as templates).
    3. Get leads from various sources and allocation of leads to the Sales team, either automatically as per defined rules or manually.
    4. Follow-up and Sales process management for Executives.
    5. Classify leads as booked, unqualified or not interested (these options can be customised according to requirements).
    6. Manage bookings (registrations) and agreements.
    7. A central and safe place to store all the documents.
    8. Manage and track payment follow-ups.

Features of Real Estate CRM for Leasing (renting/hiring) as used in Dubai.

Most of above platform level capability will be used as it is. But there will be some additional functionality.

  1. Capture leads from property portals, leasing portals and property market place.
  2. Manage leasing Contracts, renewals, reminders for renewals etc. Mobile notifications, CRM Dashboards, emails and SMS notifications are available.
  3. Payment followups and receivable management.
  4. Managing property details with details of Owners, lessee, lessor, tenure etc.
  5. Get notified about properties where the lease is expiring soon so that they can be put up for Lease to maintain occupancy ratio.
  6. A built-in helpdesk mechanism to manage the complaints and grievances of the tenants.
  7. Managing and tracking property maintenance.
  8. CRM dashboard to manage available properties, expiring properties, leased properties etc.
CRM is a crucial component of Real Estate Management Software in Dubai Market.
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