CRM Training

Online CRM Training from Experts with CRM Training Material to help you to achieve CRM Success.

Are you already using CRM? OR Are you planning to buy CRM?

This CRM Training will help you achieve Success in most effective way. Our CRM online training will not only enable you and your team to learn CRM but also best practices on CRM Success. These Training are pre-scheduled online and delivered to you at your convenience.

What kind of CRM Training are you looking for ?

Sales Management CRM Training​

Increase your Sales with Lead, Opportunities Tracking and Sales Funnel Management

Mobile CRM Training and Tips

Make your Sales Team Effective Using Mobile CRM for managing sales and service.


Increase customer satisfaction with Ticket Management and Helpdesk.

CRM Training for Leadership

Sales Leaders and Top Management need to see Bigger Picture in smaller frame. How?

Customer Communication CRM Training

Improve communications with Mobile CRM, Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Email and visit.

Call Centre Management CRM Training

Effectively use Call Centre to help Sales and help-desk to increase customer engagement

Association Management CRM Training

Manage associations, memberships, sponsorships and events through CRM.

Contracts Management CRM Training

Effectively Manage Products Warranties, Contract, SLA's and Subscription using CRM

Why Select Enjay for CRM Training ?

Business First, Then Technology

Enjay’s CRM Online Training's are not just CRM Training, but we focus more on the Business Process aspect. We don’t just teach you how to utilise CRM as a software but on how to enhance the effectiveness using CRM as a tool to achieve larger and long term goal.

CRM Training by Experts

All CRM Trainingd done by Enjay are done by experts who understand business process and are how to use technology in best possible way. You can ask anything regarding CRM or your Process, we would be happy to reply and help.

Online CRM Training

Most of our Training's are done using Web-ex or other online training tools, so that you and your team can watch them without leaving your desks. Generally they are pre-scheduled – but you may request special timings also. Plus you can always request recordings.

Useful CRM Training Material

One picture is worth thousand words and one video is worth million words. With this analogy in mind most of CRM Training material is in the form of short Videos. We also provide Chalk talks which talk more about concepts, hacks, tips and best practices.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

- Aristotle​

Benefits of CRM Training

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

CRM is a enabler and a force multiplier. Your team members will surely experience increase productivity and higher efficiency when equipped with proper CRM training and world-class CRM Training Material

Better User Adoption​

Most of CRM implementations fail because of bad user adoption. Biggest reason for bad user adoption is Inadequate Training. Proper focused training will result in better user adoption.

Proper Analysis And Reporting​

Our Training’s provide insights to Top Management and Team leaders to analyse CRM reports properly and more meaningful way, by getting more with less efforts. This results in much effective leadership.

Better Customer Experience​

When your Team is trained and equipped with proper CRM training, Obviously your customers will have better experience and service. This will definitely increase your goodwill and profitability.

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