Debt Collection Software

Debt Collection made easy for BFSI Companies and Collection Agencies

Complete Solution for Debt Collection Agencies, Utility Payments, Government Dues, and BFSI Companies

How Our Debt Collection Software Offers A Complete Solution

Integrated Telephony

Tight integration with Enjay Synapse Telephony Servers provides Call Recording, Detailed Reporting and above All Customisable Predictive Dialling

Debt Collection CRM software

Manage entire Debt Collection Data in a single platform. Borrowers, PTP, Collections, Visits, Calls & Reports to be submitted to Bank Management.

Flexible Data Import/Sync

Easily import Data coming from Banks manually. Alternatively use of API provides tight integration and avoids duplication of work.

Easy Reporting

Pre-built and customisable reports according to the requirements of BFSI Clients. Creating complex report is easy. Performance Dashboards for Managers

Increased Efficiency

Higher Call connect ratio leads to higher collection. Higher collection means higher efficiency and higher profits. And, Happy Clients too.

Onsite/Cloud Flexibility

Use Enjay’s secured Cloud to deploy the Solution. Alternatively the entire Solution can be deployed in your Premise or Cloud Infrastructure.

Multiple Client Handling.

Manage multiple BFSI Clients, Multiple Campaigns, Shifts, Teams, Collection Processes in one single Platform. Make more out of your Investment.

Mobile App for Field Force

Collection process involves going to homes and offices of borrowers. Mobile App helps track the visits and anlyse outcome of the effort.

Secure by Architecture

We understand that Data and Application security is of prime importance for BFSI Companies. Web App, Telephony and Mobile App are secure by design.

Choose Automated or Manual Dialing

Process for Automated Dialing

Step - 1

Import data received from the Bank

Step - 2

Configure Predictive dialling

Step - 3

Agents answer automated calls

Step - 4

Update the call & collection status

Step - 5

Reporting to Bank

Process for Manual Dialing

Step - 1

Import data received from the Bank

Step - 2

Assign calling data to users

Step - 3

Agents manually click to call

Step - 4

Update the call & collection status

Step - 5

Reporting to Bank

Predictive Dialling Optimised for Debt Collection in Debt Collection Software

  • Admin Creates a Campaign. Adds Agents to the queue.
  • Selects the Client Data (borrowers) to be called.
  • Configures Calling logic based on: Promise to pay, due date, unanswered calls, Priority calls, Amount overdue, Installments overdue.
  • Set retry priority to call on registered number and other numbers.
  • CRM Admin starts the calling and all the agents start getting calls on their Softphones.
  • Agents can pause call receiving, from their dashboard with Start/pause/stop button
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