Enjay Partner Training Programs

Enjay Partner Training Programs
(15 Different Programs)

In these hard times, when you cannot move out, let us focus on sharpening our skills. When I say skills, we generally think of learning technical stuff, but shouldn’t we be focusing more on learning the business part also. We are humbled and privileged to announce various Training webinars for benefit of System Integrators, IT Dealers and IT fraternity at large. 


We are humbled, by the support extended to us by the Associations like FITAG and all other associations of Gujarat, ASIRT & TAIT (Mumbai), And various other associations across India. Our Goal: Empowering Partner community with various Training Programs. We are arranging these sessions in English, Hindi & Gujarati language. 


We can also arrange special sessions for your association also.  Our Goal: Empowering Partner community with various Training Programs.

Competition and competitiveness for IT Dealers

Who is our actual competitor? Competitive strength/weakness. Fundamental problems with current model of business. Do we believe investing in IT grows business. Some simple tips to sell more at more profit. Building Winning Teams

Twenty Five Secrets of Selling Any Solution like a Pro

A Gripping 90 minutes session where we reveal CRM Sales Secret, which can be applied to any Solution Selling. Identifying prospects, Generating inquiries, Selling process and negotiation. Best practices by Enjay and it's successful Partners.  

The fine Art of Asking Questions (Sales Team Training)

Does Customer know everything? Can you ask questions to make him think? What questions to ask, when to ask and most importantly WHY to ASK QUESTIONS. We also provide you sample questions for all of Enjay's Products.

Enjay ના Free Tools નો કેવી રીતે ઉપયોગ કરવો (Gujarati Session)

Enjay દ્વારા free માં આપવામાં આવતા Tools વિષે માહિતી Google Spreadsheet માંથી Bulk WhatsApp નો કેવી રીતે ઉપયોગ કરશો? પોતાના Mobile માં રહેલા contacts ને કઈ રીતે ગોઠવવા થી વધારે ઉપયોગી થશે? તમારા Customers નું લિસ્ટ બનવાની સૌથી સરળ અને અસરકારક રીત (Cross-Selling પદ્દ્ધતિ થી)

How to use Free Tools by Enjay for your business and also make profit

Why these tools are made free by Enjay. How to send Bulk WhatsApp using Google Spreadsheet. How to use Free Cross-Selling Tool. Manage your contacts using GSync tool How can these free tools help you to increase your profits and sales?

How to Sell Tally Cloud to your Existing and new customers

Tally Cloud as a Market is growing much faster than we expect . Enjay is the largest Tally Cloud provider in India. Topics Covered: Tally Cloud - Solution Overview. Identifying the prospective client. The Sales Process for Tally Cloud. Margin and role of the Partner.

Tiktik દ્વારા, WhatsApp, Email, અને SMS કેવી રીતે મોકલવા, અને Tiktik વેચવું કેમ

ENJAY, આપનાં માટે લાવે છે, Online Trainings - એ પણ ગુજરાતી માં શું તમારા Mobile માં જેટલા Contacts છે, એ લોકો ને ખબર છે કે તમે શું કરો છો? Tiktik દ્વારા, WhatsApp, Email, અને SMS કેવી રીતે મોકલશો TikTik Mobile App નો Completely practical demonstration TikTik Mobile App, ને વેચશો કેવી રીતે

IT ના વ્યવસાય માટે CRM નો ઉપયોગ કેવી રીતે કરવો, અને એને વેચવું કેવી રીતે

ENJAY, આપનાં માટે લાવે છે, Online Trainings - એ પણ ગુજરાતી માં Sales અને Service ને CRM ની Mobile App થી કેવી રીતે Manage કરવા એના થી નાની team ને શું ફાયદો CRM ને વેચવાની રીત અને કળા Completely practical demonstration of Sales, Service, Contracts, AMC, and Mobile CRM.

Partnering with Enjay. Products, Margins & Process

At Enjay, we have Policy, Process and culture aligned for Channel progress. Explore the opportunity and join us. Introduction to Products and Solutions. Market Size, who is Potential Clients. What is Margin and Billing details. What is role of the partner

Enjay Telephony & Call Center Solutions, How to sell?

Large Corporate Helpdesk or small tele caller team for an SME. Enjay is the perfect solution. Enjay Synapse Telephony Solution - Solution Overview Features of Enjay Synapse Telephony Solution Benefits of Enjay Synapse Telephony Solution Enjay Synapse Telephony Solution Security. Walkthrough and Live Demo.

How to Generate more Leads Easily and at no Extra Cost

Both Teaser Messages and Bulk WA tool is provided by Enjay for Free. Generating Leads is the first step towards Growing Sales. Here is the simplest way to generate leads. Marketing Material from Enjay (without Brand Enjay). Teaser Messages. Using Bulk Emailing. Using Bulk WhatsApp. Generate regular Flow of Enquiries.

How to use TikTik Mobile App for your IT Business and how to sell it

Understanding the philosophy of TikTik. Complete Walkthrough of TikTik App. How to get maximum results from minimum efforts. Getting started with TikTik App. Creating Campaigns, Templates, and Tags. Organizing your Address book and assigning to Campaigns. Sending messages daily. Best Tips and Tricks about WhatsApp.

How to use CRM for IT (Sales and Service) Business and how to sell it.

More and more companies are adopting CRM to run their Business and improve their customer experience. Why not IT fraternity. How to Manage Sales and Service with Mobile CRM. CRM for Small teams. How to Sell CRM (getting started). Completely practical demonstration and tips.

How to use LinkedIn for System Integrators and IT Dealers.

We might or might not be using LinkedIn, but our Customers are. Learn how to find more leads, nurture relationships and grow your Business, organically. Different Versions of LinkedIn. Creating a winning Profile. Personal or Company? Daily Tactical Action Plan to spend 20 minutes regularly.

Special Partner Requested Webinar.

We have tried to cover many topics that touch the business of IT Fraternity. However if you have any special topic in mind, that you think should be covered here, please write in the comments section and we will cover that topic. If we don't have expert in Enjay, we can arrange the expert from outside. But we assure you of quality training for you and your team.
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