• Simplest Cloud Telephony Plans for IVR Services.

    Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Channels, Unlimited Recordings, Unlimited IVR, Unlimited Minutes at only 7,500 per user per year.

    We are giving a 40% discount to the first 2500 Users.

Ideal Cloud PBX and IVR Solution for Offices and Call Centres

Get Toll Free Number or 10 Digit Mobile Number for your company with unlimited IVR. Best Part is that you own the phone Number. Enjay’s Cloud Telephony Services help increase Customer Satisfaction for all sizes of organisations.

Small Offices

Get an Incoming Number, which works as auto attendant, IVR System, Call Distribution. Never Miss a call.

Multi Location Offices

Don’t invest in multiple PBX’es. Get Call Distribution from central number with consolidated Reporting.

Call Center Solution

Instantly create a full featured inbound or outbound Call Center without infrastructure cost.

Enjay Synapse Online - Solution Highlights


Multi level IVR for better call routing.

Call Distribution

Based on IVR Selection or pre-set criteria

Call Recording

Access or download your call recording files

Enjay CRM Integration

Built-in out of the box Integration.

What is Enjay Synapse Online and how it works?

An Hosted PBX Service with best IVR Technology and host of PBX Features to help you grow your business. No need to put E-PBX in your office, Ideal solution for Small offices, Multiple Locations or Call Center Setup.

Own the Number

Enjay does not force you to select numbers from our pool. Get your mobile/Toll Free number and forward that to our PRI lines.Rest of the magic happens on Enjay Synapse online Cloud PBX Systems.

Call Flow

Someone calls on your number, it lands on Synapse Online.Then IVR is comes into play as per configuration. Call Distribution and forwarding happens and then call lands on your phone numbers


Get real time notifications on SMS and Email regarding the caller and Call details. Detailed Analytical reports are delivered daily. Manage your miss calls with our intuitive Miss call management System.

Why Owning the Phone Number is important for Hosted PBX Solution ?​

Most of the Cloud telephony companies in the Market force you to buy their numbers, thus locking in you with their services, whether you like it or not. Enjay allows you to use your own number.

Owning the number is not costly anymore. Now with mobile operators offering very low prices with unlimited calls. Monthly cost of owning a number can be as low as 150/- Rs.

Buy a SIM Card, activate on your mobile once, Forward the number to Enjay’s PRI Line Numbers. Remove the SIM Card and keep it in safe place. Simple.

We are giving a 40% discount to the first 2500 Users.

Cloud telephony solution

Call Distribution according to IVR or Set Logic

Use IVR for optimising the Call distribution and reducing the time taken to resolve the Customer Queries.

Customized Call Distribution flow based on CRM Lookup

Use predefined Call Distribution Logic like Round Robin or sequential, Time based routing

Combination of both of above

We are giving a 40% discount to the first 2500 Users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud telephony is the technology which runs business telephony system on cloud. There is no requirement for EPBX or IPPBX.

You can take vodafone postpaid sim number of your choice & forward it to our number.

Currently no. launching shortly.

We have pricing policy as per agent.

You can add any number of agents. You have to pay per agent.

No. There is no setup charges.

it’s for a Year

No. You can not make outgoing calls.

You ‘ll get unlimited minutes.Detailed pricing policy is as below.

Number of Agents who can speak simultaneously defines the number of Users. Which means that you may have 10 Agents, but if the call flow is very less, you may buy only one User.

Absolutely no. Especially in India. Calls are done using regular PSTN networks. These PSTN networks are provided by regular Telecom operators.

It’s unlimited. We will retain the recordings up to 6 months even after you discontinue the service. Of course, you can delete the records if required.

All those calls will land on Cloud Telephony infrastructure. Depending upon the number of users you have subscribed to, the call is either transferred to next available Agent it is disconnected after an IVR being played that all agents are busy.

Yes. All the calls are recorded.

Yes. You ‘ll get the detailed call report.

Yes. You ‘ll get the report on email.

Yes. We are the only one who is providing this service.

Yes. You can setup basic & multi level ivr.

Yes. Custom ivr is on chargeable basis. You can call on our support number to discuss the same.

Yes. Time based call routing is also possible.

You can divert call in 2 different fashion. Round-Robin & Ring order.

Yes. Voicemail is available as free of cost.

You have two options:

  1. We will provide you with the Sim card (Number) that can be used to forward all the incoming calls to IVR Server. You can forward your existing incoming calls to the same number. SIM card will cost you Rs 200 /- Per Month (Rs 2400/- Annually )


  2. You can keep your existing number and double check if the call forwarding option is available on (0120) number. If it allows you forward the calls directly, you will not need the extra SIM and calls will be forwarded directly to the IVR Server.

No. We currently provide this solution to Indian Customers (National Numbers) only. Calls will be made through the IVR server to Indian Numbers Only.

It is the number starting from 0120 code.

Yes. We are providing api. One time setup cost is 25000 & per agent it’s 1000 per month.

We ‘ll provide landline number starting with 0120.

Yes. We ‘ll provide it as free of cost.

No. You only need to provide mobile to your agents.

We are providing customer number in sms alert after you hangup the call. There is no charges for sms. & Whatsapp

No. SMS alert is free of cost.

No. You only need to provide mobile to your agents.

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